Week 9, Day 41-45, 45 Days of Giving

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Thank you for joining us during these past nine weeks as we highlight local nonprofits and classrooms doing amazing things. Check out our final week as we wrap #45DaysofGiving. Don’t forget to give back where you can as well! We are so excited to share the fun we had shopping, donating, creating and celebrating within the wonderful community that has supported us during our 45-year creative journey. If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog for Week 4 to get all the action!   Day 41: Newcomers Club – Sumner County The Newcomers Club is a service and social organization for those in the Sumner County area wanting to connect and meet new people while giving back to their community. It is a dedicated organization, with almost daily activities planned, to meet neighbors and give back to their community. Newcomers Club works with Nossi so we can help document the HolidayFest events including Tree Lighting Ceremonies and athletic events including the Indian Loop 5K. We are sending two students to Monthaven’s Christmas Tree Elegance Ceremony on Nov 17 – we hope you can come out and join us! More details here.   Two photographers, Chyanne Funnell and Angela Thomas will be on hand to document this tough assignment. Five, seven-foot. Trees, all decorated by local and nationally known designers, will be auctioned off at Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center to support art education and other related programs in Sumner County. The trees are donated by Vickerman Trees and are uniquely decorated…

Week 8, Day 36-40, 45 Days of Giving

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Welcome back to Week 8 of our 45 Days of Giving! We can’t believe there is just one more week to go!  Nossi College of Art is celebrating our 45th anniversary, and we decided to do 45 acts of creative kindness for local classrooms, non-profits, church groups. Nashville and the surrounding communities have been supportive of Nossi College and the impact we wanted to make on this area, so in return, we wanted to feature 45 acts of thankfulness. If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog for Week 7 to get all the action! Day 36: Community Care Fellowship Impressed with all the programs that East Nashville’s Community Care Fellowship provides its community, Steve LaSuer, an adjunct illustration instructor, decided to add some color to their preschool classroom. With the help of several illustration students, this painting team is creating a picturesque scene to brighten the building and the students inside. Flip through to see their process, sketches and their reference art.  Photos submitted IN 2017, CCF PROVIDED: 24,814 Lunches 3,847 Loads of Laundry 44,040 Hygiene Items 11,424 Breakfasts CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS 12 Children – The Dare to Dream After School Program 6 High School Students – The Starfish Program 10 Summer Students – ASK – The Academy for Success in Kindergarten Program Like what you see here? YOU can help contribute to this numbers by volunteering your time or donating your dollars! We expect the final mural to be complete in the upcoming weeks and will share the final scene on Facebook. Day 37: Down…

FAQ for Nossi’s Master’s Program in Instructional Design and Technologies

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FAQ Nossi Master’s Program  When does the first class start? We plan on beginning the first Master’s Class in January 2019 with our Spring Semester Launch How many people do you expect to accept for this first class? Our first class will be limited in size, and we do not expect to accept more than 8-10 total students as we want a good balance when it comes to the student to teacher ratio. Is this an online program? Kind of – we offer half of the program online and half of the program will be on campus. We have found a mix of in-person collaboration and online discussion is the best way to learn this program and be attractive to businesses once you graduate. It is imperative to meet and connect with like-minded people in this career field. How much is the application fee? Our application fee is $100, and you can complete your application here. Is financial aid offered for the Master’s program? We do have financial aid opportunities available for those who qualify. To learn more, please reach out to admissions@nossi.edu. Are scholarships available for the Master’s Program? YES! Nossi College of Art is offering unique scholarship opportunities for our Master’s Program. Did you score really well on the GRE or do you have a high GPA from your bachelor’s degree? Our Ira H. Vatandoost Academic Scholarship will be perfect for you. Are you an alumnus of Nossi College of Art – if so, we have an exclusive Alumni Scholarship that…

International Travel – Nossi’s First Study Abroad Trip Was a Success!

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Nossi College introduced our first study abroad trip to Ecuador in 2018. With an itinerary to check out the local scene and connect with the community, this group spent eight days on an international adventure. Nashville powerhouse photographer (and luckily also an amazing Nossi instructor), Sheri Oneal and 12 eager photo students share their journey. The images are gorgeous, students were a little sunburned, but everyone came back on top of the world after this amazing adventure. Below are photos from photo students and excerpts from Sheri Oneals’ blog. Read more of Sheri’s blog here. Nossi’s Photo Program Day 8! As our journey comes to an end, we are very grateful for the experience and especially, the honor of being the first Nossi College of Art study abroad group!   “It was really nice to feel a bond with the folks over there, but also with the students. We learned a lot about each other.” “There are things about each of us that no one may ever know, but our stories and experiences often help others feel connected.” To discover more about the pros and cons of travel and how cultural differences made for the best memories throughout the journey, visit Sheri’s website here.  Day 7! [Photography by: Alexandra Cale, Emma Wilson and Michiah Posey] This day was particularly special because we knew it was our last day exploring Ecuador and we were determined to enjoy all we could, even along our 4-hour drive back to Guayaquil, where we will fly…

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