Fixed Tuition Policy

Nossi College of Art is one of the few colleges maintaining a Fixed Tuition Policy. This means your tuition fee will never increase while you are enrolled, active student with us. We guarantee it! There is no fine print to read and no red tape to cut—just the same cost from the first day to the last day of your college career.

Whether you are enrolled in an associate degree program or a bachelor’s degree program, our Fixed Tuition Policy guarantees you the same tuition fee for your last semester as for your first semester. This applies to in-state, out-of-state and international students!

Most colleges and universities, both public and private, will increase tuition rates a number of times while a student is enrolled. This makes planning your expenses for college difficult. These students continually ask, “Are they going to raise my tuition next semester? By how much? Can I continue to afford college?”

Nossi’s Fixed Tuition Policy enables our students to plan, from beginning to end, how much their college education will cost. Students don’t have to worry about tuition fees increasing from semester to semester or finding money to cover extra tuition.

Nossi College’s Fixed Tuition Policy applies to students who stay enrolled continuously through their college career. If a student must drop out and return later, then they must pay the prevailing tuition rate at the time of re-enrollment.

College life can be difficult enough. At Nossi College of Art, we want our students to have one less uncertainty in their lives.

For a current cost comparison to other local art colleges, view this chart.

Fall Semester begins Sept 9

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