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We believe that no creative person should, for financial reasons, be left behind in the pursuit of a college degree. Therefore we offer financial aid and scholarships to those that qualify. Find out more about these opportunities below.

Fixed Tuition Program

Nossi College of Art and Design’s Fixed Tuition Program helps you plan your entire college budget, beginning with your first day of class. Fixed Tuition is a financial aid and scholarship policy enacted so you can maintain and control your budget without fear of a tuition hike. Once you enroll in a program at Nossi, tuition will NEVER increase for as long as you remain an active student.

Financial Aid

Most students need some financial assistance when it comes to affording a quality college education. At Nossi, financial aid is available for those who qualify and may include Federal Pell Grants, Direct Loan Programs, Social Security and United States Department of Veterans Affairs programs, Tennessee Student Assistant Awards, and Federal Direct (Parent) PLUS loans. The college’s financial aid office is happy to assist you in applying for federal aid. Complete details can be obtained through this office during campus tours and appointments. Schedule your tour today!

If you are in the military and are interested in discovering what benefits the government provides for college, visit our Military Page to find Veteran Benefits, Federal Aid, and Loans.

2024-2025 FAFSA Simplification

The FAFSA is getting a makeover to make the application easier for students and their families. This has caused a delay in the 2024-2025 FAFSFA application.

For full information, visit studentaid.gov


Notable 2024-2025 FASFA CHANGES

 Start Financial Aid Application

If you want to begin the Financial Aid process on your own, please visit https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa. When prompted, enter Nossi College of Art and Design’s code: 017347.

This notifies our team and allows us to prepare for your future campus visit. We will also be able to better inform you of funds available for your education. If you get stuck in the process or have any questions, please click the Email Finacial Aid button below or call us free at 615-514-2787 (ARTS).

Helpful resources: Student Aid, FAFSA Twitter, Federal Student Aid on Facebook, Federal Student Aid on YouTube, Storify – FAFSA, Federal Student Aid Office and Federal Student Cohort Default Rate.


We believe that finances should not be an obstacle when pursuing a creative arts degree. Therefore another form of financial aid we offer is in-state and out-of-state scholarship options for high school, transfer, adult, and Nossi alumni students.

Optional Scholarships Outside Nossi College of Art and Design

High School:


Alumni Scholarship – Nossi College of Art and Design offers an Alumni Scholarship for Associate and Bachelor degrees to any qualified Nossi graduate or their immediate family members including a spouse, children, parents, grandparents, or siblings. The scholarship is awarded to students who are talented and meet or exceed the admissions requirements. Download the Alumni Scholarship rules and regulations.

Transfer and Adult:

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships can include but are certainly not limited to your high school, local businesses, national companies, a church group, charitable foundations/service organizations in your community, your current employer, and your parent's employer.

Find scholarships by searching on the Internet for organizations from your city and/or county:

  • Rotary Club
  • Elks Club
  • Lions Club
  • Kiwanis Club
  • Civitan Club

Also, search "Community Foundation of __ (your city and/or county)" and "college scholarships in __ (your city and/or county)."

Collegeboard and Fastweb are free sites for Outside Scholarships. Create an account and then narrow down your search criteria to discover scholarships geared towards your interests and/or demographics.

The U.S. Department of Labor also has a scholarship search site.

It is vital you know when a scholarship opens the application process and the deadline to apply. The main outside scholarship season could begin as early as November.

ALSO, be cautious about who you give your info to when applying for scholarships!

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