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Nossi's campus is an artists' gem located just north of downtown Nashville, Tenn. We've built the perfect creative oasis for students and teachers to collaborate and learn.

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Nossi College of Art’s campus sits on a 10-acre hillside in Nashville, Tennessee, overlooking the downtown area. Our 55,000-square-foot facility is one of the most conducive places for creativity in the Southeast.

The school’s construction was completed in the fall of 2010. It was built with the artistic student in mind. Every studio and space provides the best possible arena to be creative. With specific upgrades in technology, Nossi’s campus is prepared for active student lives and consistent opportunities to collaborate with fellow students, local businesses, organizations and non-profits.

Some technology upgrades include:

  • Four large photography and videography studios
    • Studio A is 2,300 square feet with a 32-foot cyc wall
    • Studio B has access to natural light
    • Studio C features a green screen cyc wall
    • Studio D has sound-dampening curtains and great space for anything you need!
  • Private video editing bays
  • Production/audio room
  • Computer labs equipped with Titanium iMacs using the latest OS system
  • Equipment cage for photo and video use and rental
  • Aruba fiber optics wireless network – with 36-plus hubs, our students are ensured access to the Internet
  • Print production station for computer labs
  • Charging station in the student lounge to recharge your equipment
  • Anatomy Studio for modeling the human form
  • Commercial-grade kitchen for Culinary students


Like what you’ve seen? Visiting Nossi’s campus is a must for any student wanting to fully appreciate the capabilities of art college and meet faculty and staffers. Schedule your visit now with our easy online calendar!

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