Happy International Chefs Day!

Starting in 2004 and every year on Oct 20, International Chefs Day intends to celebrate this important profession while passing on culinary knowledge and skills to the next generations of chefs. The focus in 2021 is eating Healthy Food for the Future and getting everyone excited about cooking – you can even host your own workshop.

At Nossi, we think it is important to elevate this message and highlight the passion of our chef instructors and leaders here at Nossi College of Art. We also think it is extremely important to educate the next generation of chefs. It is why we offer exclusive workshops as well as event days where we can bring students into our kitchen. Learn about all Nossi events here. Schedule your own workshop at the bottom of this article!

Learn a little more about the two chefs leading our Culinary Arts program!

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Chef Anthony and Chef Brian in Nossi's Kitchen teaching a culinary course
Chef Brian Mnich (left) and Chef Anthony Mandriota (right) create scallops for their Chefs Table Event. Both are instructors at Nossi College of Art.

Chef Brian – Catering (and pastry) specialty

See Chef Brian Mnich’s Nossi bio!

Nossi College: When did you know you wanted to be a Chef?
Chef Brian Mnich: I was a teenager working in a yacht club for the summer, and I was a dishwasher. I worked hard so I would be noticed and get the chance to bump up to more prep and cook work. It was a scratch kitchen and I was captured by the techniques and precision of the craft.

NC: What do you love most about your job in culinary?
BM: I enjoy catering events because you are always working in new locations, with different people, and helping people celebrate some of the true high points of their lives. I think that is very special. You form friendships and business relationships based on the trust they place in you to make sure their special times are everything they ever hoped for and more.

NC: What is your favorite dish to create?
BM: I really can’t narrow it down to one item! What has become more important to me as I have progressed in my career is creating food experiences that marry together textures and flavors to bring out the very best in the ingredients. Whether that be a classic Beef Bourguignon or a Pan-seared Halibut. It is all about isolating flavors, heightening their appeal to the dish, and marrying them to other items on the plate to give the guest a memorable and unique experience that they will cherish.

NC: Top ingredients you keep stocked in your kitchen?
BM: Olive oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and some type of seafood.

NC: What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with and why?
BM: Working with whipped egg whites always offers a set of challenges. If you overwork them, you ruin the recipe. If you under whip them, you ruin the recipe. Even professionals who prepare items requiring egg whites like macarons can still encounter problems. Chocolate is another ingredient that requires great skill to handle properly.

NC: Favorite (non-Nossi) Nashville or Mid TN Chef?
: I appreciate many of the local restaurants and the way that have moved Nashville away from the meat and three stigma. Nashville has created some elevated dining experiences.

My favorite chefs to follow are the ones that I have had a hand in training. I enjoy watching their careers grow and change over time. There are few things that are more satisfying than when I get to see a chef that has climbed the ladder and they refer to me as Chef. It is a high compliment to be referred to with respect, reverence, and the recognition that I have helped them achieve success.

NC: Favorite recipe to share with our community?
BM: My wife loves these Lemon Blueberry Scones. Download the Scone Recipe!

Chef Anthony – Classical French & international cuisine

See Chef Anthony Mandriota’s Nossi bio!

Nossi College: When did you know you wanted to be a Chef?
Chef Anthony Mandriota: I was 8 years old when I first tasted Bordelaise sauce. I knew I had to learn French cuisine. I grew up in a very Italian household so I have a great background in both Italian and French, and International cuisines.

NC: What do you love most about your job in culinary?
AM: As a Chef, Instructor, and Culinary Director at Nossi College of Art Culinary I get to create curriculum, teach future chefs, and play with recipe testing in a professional kitchen. It is like having my own indoor playground.

NC: What is your favorite dish to create?
AM: Frutti De Mare; Shrimp. scallops, and any other very fresh seafood in a light red sauce with plenty of fresh basil over fresh egg pasta.

NC: Top ingredients you keep stocked in your kitchen?
AM: Stocks of all kinds. fresh garlic and ginger, real Balsamic vinegar, and too many international condiments to list.

NC: What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with and why?
AM: In Nashville seafood. It is very difficult to consistently purchase fresh fish and having grown up on the ocean I crave really fresh whole fish.

NC: Favorite (non-Nossi) Nashville or Mid TN Chef?
: Maneet Chauhan and Chef Tom Eckert. The variety of different cuisines available from Morph Hospitality is outstanding.
(Both of these names are supporters of Nossi’s program and Chef Tom Eckert currently sits on our Culinary Arts advisory board!)

NC: Favorite recipe to share with our community?
AM: Being Italian, so it would have to be the really good Italian dish, Frutti di Mare that I mentioned above! Get the recipe here!

The Culinary Arts program

Learn more about Nossi College of Art’s Culinary Arts program by visiting this page. It includes curriculum, teachers, potential careers, and a chance to save your space.

Are you a teacher, counselor, or chef interested in hosting a hands-on workshop for potential future students? Click Schedule A Culinary Workshop to speak directly with our admissions team? Are you a student wanting to see our kitchen? Select the Personal Tour button.

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