Tuition Rates

Not only does a Nossi education position you competitively for career opportunities, we offer it to you at the most efficient rate in Nashville. We’re confident our rates and our Fixed Tuition Policy will provide you the best value available for your investment. That’s right, your tuition will never increase as long as you are continuously enrolled in your degree program throughout your college career.

Combine our competitive tuition with instructors who are also professional artists, a 55,000 sq. ft. facility stocked with technology conducive to your talents, a curriculum producing creatively-charged students and you’ll start to see why Nossi College is so attractive. You won’t find a local art college with as many enticing incentives as us.

Two Year Associate Degree Tuition Amount:

Commercial Digital Photography
Culinary Arts

Financial Aid Opportunities

We understand finances are a factor, and we know the pressures of paying for college can be overwhelming. To help you out, we offer many different financial aid and scholarships options.

Student Aid Calculator

Want to find out what financial aid would look like for you specifically? Take a few minutes to go through the FAFSA Student Aid Calculator to get an estimated idea of how you can make Nossi a reality.

Fall Semester starts Sept. 7

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