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The creative world is defined by its constant change and technological developments. As a creative professional, you know this better than the average person. You also know how essential it is to keep up-to-date with industry trends to see success in the real world.

Nossi College of Art & Design provides alumni a means to Stay Current with our creative professors from Nashville’s graphic design, photo, illustration, web, interactive, video & film, and culinary arts communities by offering a unique opportunity to refresh and refine your skill sets.

Nossi’s Together Program does exactly that. The Together Program is designed for alumni (in all our art degrees) to retake any course you have already passed, or take any new class within your degree program, WITHOUT additional tuition costs.

That’s right - it’s free! This program stimulates important conversations and collaborations between current students and alumni. We value your experiences while out working in the creative industry, and your insight can provide added value to a current student's education.

Truly, the Together Program inspires each member of the Nossi family to learn from one another.

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New Perspectives → New Insights → New Skills

Why should I participate in Nossi College of Art & Design's Together program?

  1. Update your computer program knowledge. Retake courses in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to learn new features or shortcuts.
  2. Need to refresh your experience? Maybe you haven't been in Illustrator since graduation - get a refresh on the latest version.
  3. Have you discovered a new side hustle (like coding?) and you need to better understand how it works or best practices? Our curriculum evolves continually!
  4. Did you take a photography lighting course, but you would like to go through it again? Audit the class to make sure you learned all the ins and outs of setting up studio shots or taking advantage of natural light. Plus you can work with our lighting vendors like Paul C. Buff.
  5. You are finding out why the business and marketing courses were offered - we update the curriculum constantly in this class, so come find out the latest in digital and social media marketing along with contracts, pricing, and taxes. Now you know what questions to ask!

I’m interested! What else do I need to know?

• One may only audit the course if there is enough space in the classroom, and a current student’s path to graduation will not be hindered in any way.
• In order to audit a course through the Together Program, it must be a course that has been previously passed or any new class within their art degree program. Students and alumni are welcome to audit a new course in other programs for a nominal charge.
• Students participating in the Together Program will NOT receive a grade, change in the transcript, or GPA adjustment by retaking a course. Students will be working together to learn new information, to upgrade their skills, and to help each other out.

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