The Making Of: Video & Film Commercial

Nossi Video & Film Program commercial, behind the scenes
Behind the scenes photo in Studio D by Isabel Camacho, Nossi Video & Film student

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More than Video & Film, Nossi Offers Creativity

Being a video and film student at Nossi College means you are part of a collaborative and creative program. Many of our graduates are developing and producing the top creative need in the advertising world – video content.

Starting in their very first semester, Nossi video students will take four classes: Intro to Video & Film, Intro to Photography, Adobe Illustrator, and Success Strategies.

We find our foundational, program-specific classes are important for creative students to take their first semester of art college because it keeps them engaged and excited about their career and getting started. This approach quickly introduces students to the video & film industries and gets them hands-on experience starting day one versus a traditional college’s first semester experiencing mainly history, math, science, and foreign language classes.

A hands-on experience is important to Nossi College, so much so that our new marketing campaign was created entirely by Nossi faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Don’t believe us? Check out our creative team!

“The best art happens when we work together. There’s something really unique about bringing Nossi collaborators together to make things happen. I think it is especially cool to see that this project has connected our creative team, teachers, former students, and current students.

Jessica Cale, Nossi Design Team

From brainstorming the story to executing the video shoots and behind-the-scenes footage, to post-production – every stage of this creation was impacted by Nossi’s team (many of our actors were also Nossi students!)

Video Credits

Story By:
Jessica Cale, Graphic Design Graduate
Troy Miszklevitz, Graphic Design Graduate
Libby Funke Luff, Marketing & Communications Director
Mark Mabry, Graphic Design Chair
Hans Chilberg, Video & Film Coordinator

Director & Editor:
Hans Chilberg

Director of Photography, Graphics
Zakk Beaty, Nossi Video & Film Graduate

Daniel Gonzalez, Video & Film Graduate
Lili Wall, Video & Film Graduate
Sawyer Richardson, Video & Film Student
Marvin Rutherford, Photo Student
Reuben Oliva, Video & Film Student

Lili Wall
Daniel Gonzalez
Sandy Campbell, Photography Teacher
Hans Chilberg, Video & Film Coordinator & Teacher
Morgan Matthews, Video & Film Student
Parker Mitchell, Video & Film Student
Isabel Camacho, Video & Film Student

Additional Assistance:
Austin Moody – Musician
Natalie Jones – Makeup Artist

My favorite part about being a creative professional is working with talented craftsmen and experienced creatives who challenge me and help me grow, not only as an artist but also as an individual. It’s extraordinarily rewarding to deliver my best work knowing that its success is made possible by the contributions of the people that surround me.

– Troy Miszklevitz, Nossi Design Team

See more behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

Brainstorming the idea for The Process Video, the team wanted to really show off their favorite areas of campus. Every scene was shot in and around campus – from student housing to our front lawn, studios, and study halls. This project allowed us to “go on location” by staying on location.

We added a reverse element, so you watch the final scene first. We wanted to focus on a big moment in college. For video & film students, it is when you finally get to upload your first video project and share it with the world. Working back from that moment, we uncover the details that make up the life of a Nossi Creative student: filming in the studio, collaborating with team members, attending class, goofing off, editing, editing, and more editing, working with clients, and having access to really great video equipment.

Watch the Video!

The Process, Video & Film Campaign created by Nossi students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Creative Programs treated equally

Nossi’s Video & Film program joins all our other creative programs because we teach the importance of hands-on and collaborative experiences.

  • Each program is uniquely designed to match and mimic real-world situations and projects.
  • Each of our program leaders has seen success in Nashville by working in the creative industry directly or by running their own companies.
  • Each program is made up of adjunct faculty members active in their respective fields.
  • Each of our classes are designed with the help of our advisory boards, who inform our leaders of industry insights and changes.
  • Nossi always strives to mirror real-world needs and skillsets in the classroom.

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