Samantha szwaglis headshot

Samantha Szwaglis B.A.

Social Media

Samantha Szwaglis is a 2012 graduate of Northern Illinois University with a degree in Communications: Media Studies. Two short years after graduating, Samantha moved to Nashville to work with the ad agency, Whitehardt. Her time there has allowed her to gain experience creating an engaging marketing journey for clients of personal injury attorneys. This unique field constantly forces Samantha to think outside of the box when creating a plan for the buyer’s journey and the brand the attorneys want to showcase. Understanding the flow of content and easily adapting to new social media platforms and trends has given Samantha a keen knowledge of social media and the everchanging guidelines that surround it.

Samantha’s skills in digital marketing have transcended her 9-5 and gone into her personal hobby, filmmaking. Not only has she participated in the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project, winning the best screenplay in 2019, but she also used her digital marketing skills and knowledge to manage the event’s social media outreach, gaining support and participants from people all over the community.

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