Cyrus Vatandoost

Cyrus Vatandoost B.S.

Executive Vice President

Cyrus Vatandoost is the Executive Vice President at Nossi College of Art. With a bachelor’s in corporate finance and a minor in economics, Cyrus has worked at Nossi College of Art since 1993, and currently manages the operations of the College on a daily basis. As the son of founder, Nossi Vatandoost, Cyrus’s passion for the college runs deep. He is often overheard stating that an important aspect of his job is to protect the integrity of the College and his mother’s name associated with it. Cyrus is the current President of the TPBSA, the Tennessee Professional and Business School Association and sits on the board of TSAC, the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, a State governing board. Cyrus may be reached via email.