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Kirk Denney M.F.A.

Vice President of Talent Development and Strategic Engagement

Kirk Denney is an award-winning educator, administrator and artist with vast experience in post-
secondary education. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of
Florida, with a major emphasis in painting and a minor emphasis in drawing. He also received his first
teaching position there and taught a variety of studio classes.

He is the former Director of Education at the International Academy of Design and Technology in
Nashville. Prior to being named Director of Education, Kirk served as Department Chair of Design,
overseeing all design programs. As an instructor, he taught multiple Graphic Design classes, as well as
Art History, Senior Portfolio and Entrepreneurship.

Having served on numerous curriculum development committees across multiple campuses, he has a
record of creating a learning environment that fosters student engagement while identifying and
addressing barriers to student success. Due to these efforts, in 2011 Kirk was awarded “National Educator
of the Year” by Career Education Corporation in Chicago, for advances in community partnership,
serving as a positive representative of the school and helping to create opportunities for students in the
broader community. He was chosen from more than 1600 nominees. Kirk has also served on the Board of
Directors for nonprofit organizations as well as volunteering for many community service groups here in

As a practicing fine artist of more than 25 years, he has owned two art galleries and currently has
professional sales agents representing his large-scale commissioned artwork in New York, South Florida
and the Washington DC areas. His art is included in many corporate collections, public spaces and private
residences around the world.

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