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Pavel Bukengolts

With over 25 years of experience in design leadership, design thinking, behavioural design, user research, interactive design, and accessibility, Pavel Bukengolts is an expert in the field of user experience design. His extensive teaching and mentoring background span over 15 years, covering all UX and UI design aspects.

Pavel’s experience included leading and collaborating with delivery teams for companies like United Airlines, Abbott Laboratories, Healthtrust Purchasing Group, and Sitecore. Pavel also is a principal UX Consultant at UX Design Lab.

Driven by a commitment to creating applications that seamlessly integrate into users’ lives, Pavel focuses on anticipating user behaviour and crafting intuitive experiences. His work sets the stage for the future of user-centred design, where applications act as intuitive companions.

As an educator, Pavel empowers students to embrace human-centred design principles, instilling the necessary skills and mindset to become the next generation of design leaders. Witnessing their growth and evolution as they transition from college to becoming the next generation of design leaders is a constant source of inspiration for him.

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