Sarah Lundquist, M.Ed.

Sarah Lundquist Master's Degree in Education (Environmental Focus) Florida Atlantic University

Environmental Sciences and Videography & Filmmaking

My teeth were cut on challenging, fast paced work in 2001 when covering 9/11 as a media professional. Working hard in the field of Broadcast News, covering everything from presidential elections to record breaking hurricanes, I moved my way up to top market television stations, collecting Emmy awards along the way. My years in media brought experience in not only LIVE television news, but also graphic design, social media, marketing, employee training, and overall management. In 2007, I carried my skills into the classroom teaching Communications. While teaching, I also developed online education skills in managing websites, LMS, inclusive Content/Curriculum Development, and Instructional Design. 2012 brought a master’s degree in Education. During my graduate work I delved deeper into e-Learning, Environmental Education, STEAM Education and teaching at the college level. I also worked with NASA doing research on Climate Change. I continue to evolve as an educator, creating new ways of learning both in the traditional classroom and through e-Learning. I pride myself in understanding each of my student’s learning type, so that they can discover new ways of learning so that they can achieve their dreams.


Favorite Quote: “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” ~Dr. Seuss

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