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Chef Russell Ransom MBA

Culinary Arts Instructor

Russell Ransom is a seasoned Culinary Arts Instructor with a diverse background in the culinary industry. From early experiences in his grandma’s kitchen to influential roles in top establishments, Russell’s culinary journey is both inspiring and flavorful.

A graduate of The Art Institute of Washington, DC, Russell has worked in various capacities, including catering, private chef services, and as an Executive Sous Chef at The Daily Dish. With a relocation to Nashville, he contributed to the opening of Omni Resort Hotel and served as the Executive Chef at The Mount Pleasant Grille.

Russell’s expertise spans catering, restaurants, hotels, and food manufacturing. As a former instructor at the Art Institute of Nashville and Nashville State Community College, he now brings his knowledge to Nossi College of Art and Design.

Armed with an MBA from Strayer University, Russell is excited to share his passion and culinary skills. Join him at Nossi for a gastronomic adventure filled with great food and culinary tricks. Explore the world of culinary arts with Russell Ransom!

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