Dr. Quanasha Starks Ed.D


Dr. Quanasha Starks is an accomplished educator and passionate advocate for literacy and hands-on learning experiences. With a strong academic background and extensive experience in the field of education, she has made a significant impact on the lives of students and communities.


Dr. Starks earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Alabama and M University, a master’s degree in Literacy from Middle Tennessee State University, a Doctor of Education degree in Leadership and Professional Practice from Trevecca Nazarene University. Her time in the classroom honed her ability to engage students and foster their excitement for learning. She believes in providing hands-on learning experiences to make education more accessible and enjoyable for students, encouraging their curiosity and promoting a love for knowledge.


Currently, Dr. Starks serves as an English professor, sharing her expertise with aspiring educators. Her engaging teaching style and dedication to student success make her a highly respected and sought-after educator. Additionally, she contributes to the education sector as a freelance curriculum developer, leveraging her extensive experience to create innovative and effective learning materials for both teachers and students.


With her unwavering dedication to education and her belief in the transformative power of literacy, Dr. Quanasha Starks continues to make a profound impact on students, educators, and communities. Her commitment to innovation, cultural diversity, and hands-on learning experiences has positioned her as a leading figure in the field of education.

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