Randy McQuien, Jr.

Basic Drawing, Alternative Mediums

Randy McQuien, Jr., graduated with a double major by receiving his BFA in Painting and Illustration in 2004. He was accepted into the Illustration Academy in 2009 and studied under world-renowned illustrators to hone his creative craft. As a freelance illustrator, Randy has created work for editorial publications, concept designs, gallery shows and numerous commissions. His successful work earned him a prestigious Communications Arts Illustration Award.

He specializes in caricatures and is influenced by many artists such as Al Hirschfield, Philip Burcke, CF Payne and Sebastian Kruger.

Randy understands the importance of basic drawing and design fundamentals when working in traditional mediums, because quality of work should not be forgotten as we grow and adapt to the constantly developing digital art world. He strives to emphasize the significance of process, creative thinking and a passion for mark making in his classes.

Randy lives in Nashville with his wife, Janelle. They are proud to announce their daughter, Rowynne, was born in December of 2015.