Maggie Harwell, painter, illustrator, nossi instructor

Maggie Harwell BA

Basic Drawing

Maggie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and her Art Education License at UNC Asheville. Focused on painting, she has produced many large scale paintings using both acrylic and oil. These pieces have been displayed in galleries and sold to patrons.

When painting, Maggie enjoys combining portraiture with elements of fantasy, creating a whimsical, uncanny feeling.

Other channels of artistic expression for her include drawing, illustrating, sculpting, photography, and writing. Growing up Maggie moved a lot, and she always found her home in her new art classroom. She was fortunate to always end up with the most brilliant, positive, supportive art teachers. To someone who was a new student five times, that meant a lot. This experience inspired her to become an art teacher herself, pass along her love for art, and nurture a new generation of creative minds.

Maggie has taught art to all ages, and she is always working on a creative project of some kind – personally or professionally.

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