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Christine Pilkinton

Christine Pilkinton is primarily a portrait, figurative artist, and instructor residing just outside of Nashville. She studied extensively in the United States and abroad over the past 25 years with well over a dozen internationally renowned artists & living masters such as Daniel Greene, Max Ginsberg, and Igor Babailov. She maintains a large north light studio in Madison, Tenn., teaching classical fine art in the atelier tradition.

“I am drawn like a magnet to the face & figure but as portrait artist and instructor I have found it necessary to learn other disciplines such as still life and landscape in order to include these in my portraits & classes. I have butterflies of excitement in my stomach each time I begin a painting.

My motto is ‘Never Stop Learning’ and as I continue my own study, learning new techniques along the way, I can hardly wait to share with my students! I paint what I am passionate about…Faces, Figures, Fur & Flowers!!!”

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