Abram Buck - Nossi College of Art Graphic Design Instructor and Alumnus

Abram Buck BGA; MA

Graphic Design

Abram is a  Nashville native and technically skilled creative with 10+ years of experience in design and marketing. He is currently the Creative Services Manager in the industrial and manufacturing industry.

Abram is a multi-skilled professional with expertise in Graphic Design, Animation, Email Marketing, Web Design, HTML & CSS, Marketing Communications, & Copywriting. He is obsessed with using the power of visual communication to craft messaging and design to advance product knowledge and understanding. He has worked in both B2B and B2C companies in industries ranging from retail, legal, clothing design, and manufacturing.

Abram is a Nossi Alumni with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts and Design and is an Alpha Beta Kappa member. He continued his education and earned a Master’s degree in Marketing – New Media and Communications. Abram continues to sharpen his skills by taking online and local workshops to expand his network and further develop as a creative. Most recently, he earned a certification in Responsive Web Design.

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