FAQ for Nossi Four-Year Promise and Nossi Hope Scholarships

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Nossi College of Art offers two scholarships based on State Scholarships given to Tennessee Residents. If you qualify for the Tennessee Promise or the Hope Scholarship, you already qualify for Nossi Four-Year Promise and the Nossi Hope Scholarships. Please contact Nossi College of Art if you have questions about either scholarship. You can also call us at 615.514.2787.  What is a Nossi Four-Year Promise Scholarship? Nossi offers a four-year Promise Scholarship for Bachelor degree-seeking students. This is similar to the Tennessee Promise’s two-year Associate degree program for students. Nossi wants to ensure talented students, who want to pursue an arts education, are not held back by community college curriculum. This scholarship is automatically given to students who qualify for the Tennessee Promise. How much is the Nossi Four-Year Promise Scholarship? The Nossi Four-Year Promise is a scholarship offering eligible students $6,000 over 11 semesters at $545 per semester. This dollar amount falls near the average tuition at local community colleges over 2 years. Who is eligible for the Nossi Four-Year Promise Scholarship? All Tennessee residents who are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, graduating from an eligible high school, homeschool or pass the GED/HISET exams (prior to your 19th birthday). Students must attend at least one of the four College Preview Days offered. College Preview days will be offered in the spring so students can learn about the rigors and requirements of college. Future Nossi students will automatically qualify for the Nossi Four-Year Scholarship if they qualify for the Tennessee Promise….

2017 TAICS Instructor of the Year

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Over his eight-year tenure, Dr. Stephen Shao continues to challenge Nossi students to uncover their brains’ objective and analytical left side to complement their more dominant creative right side. Math isn’t the typical class art students get excited over – more of them stress about this course, assuming a high level of difficulty. However, Dr. Shao introduces math in an enjoyable, comprehensive fashion by using stories, historical context and experiences from the students’ lives.  “I like to teach because it is a challenging yet very rewarding profession,” said Dr. Shao. “With teaching, one has an opportunity to make a difference, as those who teach can leave a permanent mark on their students.” Highlighting these teacher successes, the Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (TAICS) developed awards of Outstanding Instructors to encourage and recognize self-improvement in career-focused education. TAICS presents these awards to instructors whose techniques and innovations best respond to the needs of students in vocational training.     The highest award is the Outstanding Instructor of the Year, requiring the highest standards in classroom management, teaching techniques and instructor innovation in responding to the needs of students and their career goals.   All schools who are active members of TAICS are allowed one nomination from their administration to be reviewed by a three-person award panel. With over 30 member schools, competition for this award can be tough.   “The work of Dr. Shao speaks to not only the dedication and commitment he brings to this learning process but also to the high…

Career Conversation with Bohan Advertising Agency

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Bohan is an award-winning advertising agency located in Nashville, Tenn., focusing on local and national clients ranging in a variety of industries. Two members of their team visited Nossi College of Art to host a Career Conversation, highlighting frequently asked questions including: What is advertising? How does an ad agency work? Where would I fit in? Why should women, especially women of color, pursue a career in advertising? While here, they also encouraged students to participate in Ad Women for All Women (AWFAW), a diversity and inclusion initiative launched in 2016 by bohan. This event helps to address the lack of women of color and women in leadership in the advertising and marketing fields. Bohan hosted this second annual mini-conference in October at their agency’s offices in Nashville’s Gulch district.  “Our goal with AWFAW is to create a program that advertising and marketing agencies across the country can introduce in their own markets to foster the diversity and inclusion that our industry needs,” explained Shari Day, bohan president and CEO. “Singleton Beato lives and breathes what bohan seeks to accomplish with AWFAW, and she is an incredible resource of knowledge for these young women.” The conference’s keynote address was delivered by Singleton Beato, chief diversity and engagement officer at McCann Worldgroup, a leading global marketing services company. Kaitlin Pointer, a Nossi College of Art photography student took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about being part of the agency world after graduation. “I had a fantastic time and networked with a ton of…

Alumni Success Stories: From Photographer to Marketing Manager

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Beth Lowary graduated from Nossi College of Art with her Associate Degree in Commercial Photography in 2007. After graduation, Beth worked at a local newspaper and formed a lasting connection with Austin Peay State University. When she discovered Austin Peay had a lead University Photographer position available, she immediately applied because it represented an opportunity to blend her passion for photojournalism with the call to create more editorial and commercial marketing content. (Better hours and benefits also didn’t hurt! 😊) As an Austin Peay photographer, Beth began capturing photos  – from events and sports to portraits of students, faculty and staff – for the public relations and marketing team. After several years of creating successful content, a new venture presented itself to Beth. The university’s marketing manager position was vacant, and with her extensive experience and education, she easily moved into this new opportunity. Now, Beth will be directing a team of content creators to help build the University’s social media presence as well as run marketing campaigns to get students excited about choosing APSU for their higher education.  How did you first get connected with Austin Peay State University and their photography gig?  After graduating from Nossi, I was given the opportunity to work as a visual journalist for The Leaf-Chronicle newspaper in Clarksville, Tenn. I covered events at Austin Peay State University like commencement exercises, football games and homecoming weekend. The school was even a spot I liked to visit when I was asked to produce standalone art for the paper. When I heard the university…

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