Art School – The Staff and Faculty You’ll Meet At Orientation

Nossi college of art fall 2020

We are excited to welcome you, our new fall students, to Nossi College of Art starting the week of September 7 (We start on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday!). As you prepare for classes, projects, papers, exams, and the freedom of being a college student, we wanted to let you know there are a lot of people at Nossi who want to see you succeed in college.

Fall 2021 Classes begin Tuesday, September 7
Orientation is Thursday, September 2 - head to nossi.edu/events for event details

Coming to art college from high school?

This is a big step where you get to make all of the decisions moving forward. You make your schedule. You manage your funds. You make your meals. Nossi is here every step of the way! We can help you navigate both the good and the not-so-good decisions you may make in college. From student services, career development, and mental health offices, Nossi is committed to your success.

Transferring to art school from a community college or university?

Expect more from Nossi College! We are a tight-knit, family-style community. We want to know you by your first name, and we will regularly encourage you to get more involved in your education through student groups, professional development, workshops, networking, or through Nossi All Access. We are here to help you when you need assistance, mentorship, and guidance.

Attending as an adult student

We are a family-oriented art college focused on our creative students and the support they need along the way. We have dedicated career and student services offices to help students and grad navigate the creative network and find jobs in a career you are passionate about. We also have dedicated mental health offices with affordable options to talk through tough decisions.

You should be receiving regular email updates every Thursday from the Nossi College of Art team (this started on Thursday, August 6). If you are not, please let us know immediately!

Nossi's support team


Nossi College of Art's administration has an open door policy - stop in any time you need assistance, and they will be happy to guide you.

Valerie graves at nossi college

Ms. Nossi - President and Founder of the College.

Ms. Nossi still makes it to campus several days each week. She has an open-door policy and encourages students to come and say hi.

Cyrus Vatandoost Art school, art college headshot

Cyrus Vatandoost - Executive Vice President

Cyrus runs the daily operations of the college. He is engaged with the student population and reads student feedback every semester on ways to improve the student experience. Your opinion matters at Nossi College.

Email Cyrus

Byron Edwards art college headshot

Dr. Byron Edwards - Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Edwards mentors and helps with our faculty and class needs. He works late at least once a week to ensure all students feel heard if they run into a question or concern about a class or a teacher. You can call, email, or stop by his office anytime you need.

Email Dr. Edwards

Student SUpport

Welcome to the challenge! Now it is time to make it through to graduation! You should feel proud about everything you have accomplished so far, and you will learn so much on your college journey. These staffers are here to help along the way!

Rachel Dewaal art college headshot

Rachel Dewaal - Student Services Director

Rachel is here to answer any question you have about college life. Seriously. Anything. 🙂 She is a problem-solver who can provide some positivity in your life. You have to meet her!

Email Rachel

Mindy gilbert art college headshot

Mindy Gilbert - Registrar

Mindy helps students with scheduling. She organizes every class each semester and helps create the schedule for all students and faculty. Classes can typically only be dropped and added the first week of the semester, so if you have questions about your schedule, connect with her early on!

Email Mindy

Barry howard, art college career services

Barry Howard - Career Services Director

Need help finding a job in college? Want an internship to gain experience? Need professional development or have questions about a creative career, Barry is the perfect person to ask!

Email Barry

Reid Horn nossi

Reid Horn - Mental Health Professional Services Director

Reid runs Horn Counseling Service, a dedicated mental health provider available to all students at a deep discount. You can sign up for on-campus sessions or virtual sessions. If you run into any struggles in college, Reid is an amazing resource available to all our students. See more about Reid.

Email Reid

Financial Aid Help

Students will need to re-apply for financial aid each semester, and FAFSA needs to be renewed every October 1. If you receive federal aid, financial aid, grants, or scholarships and you have questions, these ladies are happy to provide financial support.

Janet buckley art college headshot

Janet Buckley - Financial Aid Advisor

Janet is a Financial Aid guru who can help answer your questions about filing for financial aid. We don't want you to feel confused about the financial aid process, so let us help answer your questions.

Call Janet - 615-514-2787 (most financial information cannot be shared via email for privacy reasons, so it is better to start with a phone call or stop by!)

Maggie kersten nossi

Maggie Kersten - Financial Aid Advisor

Maggie recently joined our team and we are thrilled to have her. She is another financial expert who can help walk you through the Financial and Federal Aid Process.

Call Maggie - 615-514-2787 (most financial information cannot be shared via email for privacy reasons, so it is better to start with a phone call or stop by!)

Degree Program Coordinators | Nossi Chairs

These teachers lead each of their programs. Combined, they have almost 100 years of experience in their creative fields. They are a wealth of knowledge and are here to help you succeed in the creative arts.

Mark Fleming nossi

Mark Fleming - Commercial Illustration Coordinator

Mark stays busy mentoring students, running our illustration program, and working on Mark Fleming Paintings as well. See more about Mark.

Email Mark

Hans chilberg nossi

Hans Chilberg - Video & Film Coordinator

Hans is been strengthening our video & film program since he started. From added equipment to unique courses, Hans' program ensures video students find work in the video field. See more about Hans.

Email Hans

Tom Stanford nossi

Tom Stanford - Commercial Photography Coordinator

Tom helps mentor our associate and bachelor-level students who are pursuing a photography career. He also ensures our curriculum is up to date by adding unique courses and instructors. See more about Tom.

Email Tom

Mark mabry nossi

Mark Mabry MFA, Ed.D - Graphic Design Media + Web & Interactive Chair

Mark's diverse experience in graphic and web design makes him a great asset for our design students and graduates. Mark and his team of instructors will showcase what a designer's life is really like. See more about Mark.

Email Mark

Admissions and Housing

Mitzi hatfield nossi

Mitzi Hatfield - Admissions Director

Good chance you have already met Mitzi if you toured campus - she is our admissions director, leader, and helps coordinate details with students who are starting in the Fall. Have questions about your fall start - Mitzi or your direct Admissions Representative can help!

Email Mitzi

Roger qualls nossi

Roger Qualls - Housing Director

If you plan on moving into housing this fall, you have probably already met Roger. He handles all the details related to student housing. Have questions about Move-In Day or housing in general? Connect with Roger for assistance.

Email Roger

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