Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): NEW Culinary Arts associate degree program

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Introducing Culinary Arts

In the Fall 2021 semester, Nossi College of Art will launch its new Culinary Arts Associate Degree. We are eager to help build upon the Nashville food scene.

Want proof? Nashville is listed in:
US News: Top 15 US Foodie Cities
Southern Living: Best Food Cities in the South
Thrillist: Says we are world-class

When Nossi College saw Nashville’s burgeoning restaurant economy needed support in the way of education, we partnered with an amazing local CEC Chef, Anthony Mandriota, curated a robust curriculum with the help of our advisory boards, and started building out our new teaching kitchen. Nossi College will accept 32 new culinary artists to campus in September 2021.

With this new degree comes lots of new questions from students. If you have additional questions not answered below, please reach out to us directly by calling 615-514-2787 or emailing us!

(We are only offering 32 spaces for Fall 2021. Get on the waiting list now!)

Culinary Arts FAQs

Program Questions

How long is Nossi’s Culinary Arts Associate Program?

Nossi’s Culinary Arts is a well-rounded degree program spanning six semesters (24 months). There are 75 total credit hours in the Culinary Arts degree program.

Who is the Program Chair of the Culinary Arts degree program?

ACT Certified Executive Chef, Anthony Mandriota has over 13 years of experience teaching Culinary Arts to eager students. After earning his associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree, he moved to Nashville in 2008 to chair a Culinary Arts program. He joined Nossi’s team in 2020 and is helping build our program, manage our kitchen build-out, and lead our Culinary Arts team. Read Anthony Mandriota’s bio.

Read more about Anthony Mandriota.

Why should I choose Nossi College of Art to earn my Culinary Arts degree?

In addition to a strong foundation of cooking and baking skills, students learn about leadership, business skills, and niche industries from our professional chef instructors, while working with a variety of high-quality, fresh, local, and international ingredients. All of these aspects give our students a balanced and complete culinary experience unmatched in other programs in the Southeast.

What does a typical class look like?

In class, each student has a cooking partner so students will cook in teams of two. This leads to an atmosphere of collaboration where all students are involved in the creation of every recipe.

Introductory courses will see an hour of lecture before entering the kitchen. Advanced courses may begin offsite or in the kitchen. Classes will be five hours in length.

What style of cooking will be taught?

Nossi College has an in-depth curriculum that focuses on a variety of cuisines and techniques as you advance through the program. From US culinary influences to international cuisines [European, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, Indian, and Pacific Rim countries]. You will also learn about Baking and Pastry Science in this program.

What supplies will I need to purchase for the Culinary Arts program?

In addition to your textbooks, Nossi College of Art will require uniforms, a knife set, and a PC computer.

Details to purchase your uniform and knife set will be provided at the time of enrollment. Your uniform will consist of checked pants, chef coat, bib apron, chef’s cap, and nonslip shoes.

Transferring credits

Will you accept transfer credits?

Yes! We accept transfer credits from similar culinary arts programs. An official transcript is needed to confirm which courses will transfer into the program. Have an unofficial transcript? We can start there! Send your transcript to our Admissions Director.

Will you accept experience-based credits?

Yes! We do accept experience-based credits. If you have been working in the culinary and hospitality industries but have yet to earn your degree, Nossi College of Art can help.

We can offer written and skills-based tests to understand student competency and to see if your experiences will transfer into experiential credits. To get started, please email our admissions director.

Will Nossi College of Art accept ProStart Credits?

YES, we will work with students who come from ProStart programs.

We can offer up to four credits with Culinary One. We would offer the potential to test out of CUL101 Fundamental Culinary Techniques. Testing will consist of a practical exam and a written theory exam.

Also, we are working on ProStart-based scholarship opportunities. Once these scholarships are approved, we will email interested students in addition to posting them on our scholarship page.

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Application Process

What is Nossi’s application process for Culinary Arts?

Only 32 students will be allowed into our first class in Fall 2021. To be considered in our Culinary Arts program, you must complete your Nossi Application, schedule your in-person or virtual tour of campus with a Nossi admissions representative, and complete our essay. Letters of recommendation are encouraged but are not required.

Learn more about our process here.

Who should write my letter(s) of recommendation?

We encourage all applicants to submit 1-2 Letters of Recommendation. These are not required, but they are highly encouraged.

Ideally, you should select professionals you have worked with or studied under. Your recommendation(s) should be from someone who knows about your work ethic and study habits/skills.

>Please Note:
1. A family member should not complete your Letter of Recommendation. 
2. We highly encourage you to find two recommendations, but it is not required.
3. Applications with two recommendations may be considered first.

Apply to the Culinary Arts program.

Do you offer scholarship opportunities?

Yes! In addition to several needs-based scholarship options for high school seniors, transfer students, and adult students, we also have an exclusive Culinary Art scholarship – The Josephine Mandriota Culinary Scholarship. This scholarship is open to students across the country and internationally.

View all scholarships here.

Career success

How do I find a culinary job after graduation?

As you progress through Nossi’s Culinary Arts program, students will gain more experience and confidence with each passing class. In addition to kitchen skills classes, students will also take Culinary Capstone, Cost Control and Restaurant Technology, Off-Premise Catering Management, Menu and Operations, and Portfolio & Business courses, plus every student will work in a culinary internship. This preparation will allow Nossi graduates a direct path to employment.

In addition to hands-on career experiences, Nossi College of Art also has a Career Services office dedicated to your success, a list of partners eager to help with career placement, and an advisory board helping ensure an up-to-date curriculum and culinary trends that need to be incorporated into the curriculum. 

What kind of careers are available in the Culinary Arts?

The culinary arts and hospitality industries provide a variety of career opportunities for graduates. From joining a restaurant crew to running your own restaurant, you can always find a job in hospitality.

Discover positions available within private homes, catering companies, and hospitality. Get updates including Career Options emailed directly to you!

Once I graduate, can I open my own restaurant?

Technically, yes! When you graduate, you will have completed a restaurant business plan that can be taken to investors.

We do highly recommend gaining hands-on experience in the field first before taking on the demands of opening your own restaurant.

Why should I get a degree in the Culinary Arts?

Nossi’s unmatched curriculum gives students the training needed to become a professional chef or to run their own kitchen and restaurant.

Becoming a chef allows you the freedom to create new, innovative, and interesting flavors in the kitchen. Although Nashville, the nation, and the world are experiencing an unusual time in 2020, people will always be interested in going out to eat and enjoying meals cooked by renowned chefs.

Plus, you can move anywhere in the world because jobs are available everywhere.

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