Nossi Launches AI Experience using Facebook Messenger

Published Wednesday, April 14, 2020:

Utilizing technology to communicate with Gen Z and younger audiences is extremely important to a successful college admissions process. When looking for an impactful way to speak with their audience, Nossi College of Art partnered with an interactive design graduate and Cloud Cycle, a digital marketing agency, to launch Phase 1 of Nossi College’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

“As a former student, I was able to help highlight the best parts of Nossi College and the things future students would be interested in,” said Shelby Carr, a Fall 2017 Interactive Design graduate (pictured below). “I never thought after graduating that I would get to work on projects with Nossi in the future.”

Nossi College Alumni helps design Chatbot

Shelby Carr Interactive Graphic Designer

Designed to chat with students pursuing a creative career like Carr’s, Nossi College’s Chatbot gives users control over the conversation. Uncover degree programs, course highlights, student work, career services, and campus culture. Nossi’s Chatbot adapts information from the College’s website and delivers it in conversational pieces while using pictures and GIFs to keep users engaged.

“The generation currently enrolling in college is unique; texting, social media, and online chatting have always been a part of their lives,” said Britney Binkley, Owner of Cloud Cycle LLC. “It’s more natural to them and often times their preferred way to communicate.”

Nossi College considered Carr’s help a vital resource in not only designing the app but also in presenting the College to Chatbot users.

“Having an alumnus work at Cloud Cycle brought a unique perspective to this project,” said Libby Funke Luff. “Shelby allowed us to highlight the advantages she considered valuable to her college education and experiences.”

Libby Funke Luff, Marketing and Student Activities Director for Nossi College of Art

Nossi College is using one of the top Messenger applications to communicate with their audience. The interaction will reveal ways Nossi can continue to share relevant content with users.

The Nossi Messenger Bot is now a living thing that can grow and adapt to meet the needs of its users,’ said Binkley. “It’s exciting, and we are thrilled to be a part of its development.”

View the AI Experience Press Release for Nossi College of Art

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