Alumni Success: Monica Waller, Producer and Storyteller

Monica Waller, Videographer, Nossi College of Art Alumnus

Monica Waller is a 2012 Nossi College of Art Photo and Video graduate. Starting in our associate program of photography, she graduated and moved into the Bachelor’s of Photography & Film a few short years before we split the program into a Bachelor’s in Commercial Photography and a Bachelor’s in Video & Film.

Learning about the finer points of photography before moving into the world of video allowed Monica to see two career paths while working with creative professionals from both fields.

“The College introduced me to some awesomely creative instructors, one I still get to work with to this day. The College helped me get my foot in the door to a career in my field,” said Monica.

The Internship That Jumpstarted Monica Waller’s Career in Video

Classes and students can utilize student programs in Career Services and Student Activities called Nossi All Access. While still a student, Monica partnered with creatives from iostudio’s production team to capture a music-related event. The introductions made during that one event continued to provide invitations for Monica to work with their team. She started with PA gigs which led to a hands-on internship. The success of that internship led to a full-time job at iostudio as a videographer. Several promotions later, she is now a producer on the team and looks back on how she got here – volunteering with that music event over eight years ago.

Now, in Nashville style, Monica finds herself working with the same teacher that inspired her years ago at Nossi College, Greg Giblin (a creative guru talented in many areas). Greg taught a variety of courses from motion graphics to 3D to graphic design and video.

“He was always the teacher you’d go to with any questions and knows how to do a bit of everything,” said Monica.

ioFilm recently attended Professor Greg Giblin’s ​Video and Film class to teach students about best practices for lighting and filming on a green screen. Check it out.

As a Video Producer at iostudio working with a variety of clients, Monica’s goal is to tell an original story through video. She highlighted some of her work through io’s blog and shared some cool behind-the-scenes moments. Check out her intro below and read about how she prepares a story for the perfect video shoot.

Originally written for iostudio’s blog:

Only rock-solid storytelling can engage your viewer and compel them to act



Each day—each minute—the field of video production expands. Cameras get better, lighter, and cheaper. Even people who don’t require the latest and greatest have the technology to shoot 1080p full HD video in their pockets. Some have 4K cameras jostling around in their messenger bags. As price point and access to the latest technology become less and less of a hurdle, the amount of viewable content grows, and the bar for quality ratchets higher and higher. But the real key to creating compelling video isn’t technology anyway—it’s the story you’re going to tell with it.

Here at iostudio, the story leads us. And we get to tell some awesome ones.

Monica Waller

Want to see what Monica is up to? Check out her Instagram page for location information and current projects

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