Nossi Student Work: H. Mosley, Spain Portfolio

Photo by: Hill Mosley
Photo by: Hill Mosley

Students in the Travel Photography Class are required to submit a variety of photographs for the portfolio final. Here is what photography student, Hill Mosley,  captured in Spain:

“When taking a photo of someone, making sure they are looking the right way. Don’t have the subject looking in a way where there is no space for the viewer to know what is going on. Your frames are imaginary walls and you want to make sure you don’t box in your subject.” - H. Mosley

“Create a sense of place and ambiance with the foreground layer. Look for a detail that says something about the place … give a sense of a place and being on the journey. Add nuances to create a sense of story.” - H. Mosley

“'Getting lost' is a way to find special spots that may have great photo locations. Drive down random roads that call to you. Don’t overplan! Remember to be a respectful traveler. Don’t just shoot landscapes, hang out with the locals and be patient! Wait for the 'perfect shot.'” - H. Mosley

See more of Hill Mosley's work here.

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