Nossi Student Work: K. Bennett, Spain Portfolio

Photo by: Kailey Bennett
Photo by: Kailey Bennett

Students in the Travel Photography Class are required to submit a variety of photographs for the portfolio final. Here is what photography student, Kailey Bennett,  captured in Spain:

“The different ways to make layers visible in your image include colors, bigger objects, and things being in and out of focus. Different layers can create a story and give you a visual aid of what is going on in the picture without using any words.” - K. Bennett

“Don’t leave after golden hour. Most people leave directly after the sunset because they think the photo opportunity is over with. When that is also the exact opposite, after golden hour there is blue hour. There is still light in the sky and you can still get beautiful pictures with the clouds illuminated with amazing colors.” - K. Bennett

“Walk a little further way from the tourist spot...find an even more unique and beautiful spot that no one knows about.” - K. Bennett

See more of Kailey Bennett's work here.

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