Art Degree Portfolio Requirements for Admission to Nossi College of Art & Design

Application Process - Submitting Your Work

Art Degree Portfolio Requirements

You are reading this because you are interested in attending Nossi College of Art to earn your art degree, or you just applied for acceptance into the college.

Acceptance into Nossi requires each applicant to submit a body of work (also referred to as a portfolio). Requirements vary depending on the undergraduate degree program you are most interested in. If you have any questions about the Art Degree Portfolio Requirements or submitting work, please do not hesitate to call admissions at 615-514-2787 (ARTS) or email.

Degree-Specific Art Degree Portfolio Requirements

Illustration TECHNOLOGY:
Submit eight to 10 pieces of original work. The pieces submitted for consideration need to be in a traditional style including painting, colored pencil, graphite, watercolor, pen, or marker. In addition to a traditional style, you may also incorporate digitally created projects. You can submit original pieces or a digital copy of each piece. We also accept sketchbooks displaying a range of skills showcasing your passion for illustration. All original work will be returned to the student.

Graphic Design:
Submit eight to 10 pieces of graphic and/or web/interactive work. These can include but are not limited to layouts for posters, brochures, package design, cd artwork, and website or app designs. It is a plus if designs include samples of type, logos, and an understanding of content within the design. We accept both finished pieces and sketches. Did you just start producing work? No problem, as we can evaluate your creative thought process. ASSIGNMENT: Visit Google and search for 1. Creative Ads 2. Creative Packaging and/or 3. Creative Websites. Select IMAGES from the Google Navigation Menu and choose three (3) images from each. Explain why you selected each of the images and submit these for review. Please type your explanation.

Submit eight to 10 photographs - either prints or digital copies. All images should be titled and can be black and white, color, or digitally manipulated photos. You can submit photographs via a thumb drive, cell phone, tablet, DVD, CD, Dropbox link, or email images to admissions@nossi.edu. Consider a variety of subject matters, including nature, people, sports, or fashion.

Submit up to five videos through YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, cell phones, thumb drives, or DVDs. Your body of work does not have to be limited to video, and we also accept screenwriting samples and some photography. List your interests in creative fields like Photoshop, yearbook, drama, fine arts, fashion, architecture, dance, sports, and/or business to show your interest and ability to think like a videographer. Don't have video projects to show? ASSIGNMENT: Create an example video no more than 30 seconds in length. Show a character wanting something, their path to getting it, and whether they failed or achieved in attaining the goal.

Culinary Arts:
A portfolio of work is not required for the AOS Culinary Arts degree. Each applicant will need to complete an essay during your admissions interview stating why you chose this program, your culinary background, if applicable, and what your professional goal is after graduation from Nossi College of Art. Although we highly encourage all applicants to submit two (2) professional letters of recommendation, this is not a requirement to move forward.

Our admissions team will view all submitted work and we will notify you if any additional needs are required. Questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out: 615-514-2787 (ARTS) or email.


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