Nossi Student Work: C. Rowser, Spain Portfolio

Photo by: CarTerrius Rowser
Photo by: CarTerrius Rowser

Students in the Travel Photography Class are required to submit a variety of photographs for the portfolio final. Here is what photography student, CarTerrius Rowser,  captured in Spain:

“Create a more dramatic composition by arranging your subject so that their line of sight goes towards the center of the photograph... experiment with camera angles to give a fresh dimension to your images....add depth to your photographs by incorporating foreground objects ...adding a feeling of scale and context to your photographs.” - C. Rowser

“Leading lines are those in a photograph that ultimately direct the viewer's attention to the object. They can be seen in buildings, landscapes, and other environmental features.” - C. Rowser

“For creating distinct moods and atmospheres...experiment with different types of light... natural and artificial.” - C. Rowser

See more of CarTerrius Rowser's work here.

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