Nossi Student Work: A. Merchant, Spain Portfolio

Photo by: Ami Merchant
Photo by: Ami Merchant

Students in the Travel Photography Class are required to submit a variety of photographs for the portfolio final. Here is what photography student, Ami Merchant, captured in Spain:

“I will be focusing on landscapes and really cool composed stock looking photos.“ - A. Merchant

“[...]make my story more complex or nuanced. It is important to use buildings, people, or animals to create stories. The subject is to be more visually heavy. Objects and less important items are key to creating a sense of story but have less visual weight. It is also possible to leave the story ambiguous using focus and prioritized focal points. I will experiment as much as possible with these techniques. “ - A. Merchant

“Black and White photos come out the best in my opinion. I will focus on bringing texture and light and shadows to my black and white images. These photos will allow me to create stand out works that are sharp.” - A. Merchant

Find more of Ami Merchant's work here.

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