Graduates show off for professionals!

It is the most important time for seniors – the end of the road, graduation. The experience they have gained throughout their semesters at Nossi College of Art will be put to the test. Finals week has come and gone and last minute changes to portfolios and resumes greet many of their computer screens. The last test is always the toughest.

Each semester, Nossi College hosts an Open House, Semester Awards Show and Professional Day on campus to celebrate the semester, acknowledge graduates and prepare seniors for the “Real World.” Dax Gomez, Career Services Director, places a lot of emphasis on these final days. A senior’s ability to discuss experiences, practice interviews with professionals as well as land job offers is crucial on this day.

“Employers value soft skills and intangibles like reliability, confidence and communication skills and in candidates as much as they value hard skills required to perform the job,” said Gomez. “This event is a great way for them to practice their soft skills.

Gomez strategically works with seniors to discover their strengths so he can help pair them with creative businesses. With a growing creative industry, increased opportunities and the network our students build in college, Gomez reiterates it is the talent and professionalism of the students that gets them job offers – he just helps to make the connection. In 2013, he helped place 95% of graduating seniors into jobs, one of Nossi’s highest placement rates.

Career development goals don’t begin at graduation; the connection starts the first semester on campus. Nossi’s curriculum encourages student involvement in Nashville’s community by partnering with companies like CMA, Goodwill, Lightning 100 and the TN Media Group so students gain valuable experience during college, to land a great job after college. Nossi understands experience during college is just as valuable as their education.

Over the next decade, Nashville’s entertainment industries – art, design, sports and media to name a few – are expected to grow by 12.6 (from Bureau of Labor Statistics), so Gomez sees the constant need for new, creative talent in this area.

In 2013, Nossi College of Art celebrated a 40-year anniversary of teaching creative students. Due to growing interest in its visual communications programs, the small, private college now offers bachelor and associate degrees in photography, graphic design, illustration and ​Video and Film. Located just north of downtown Nashville, Nossi College is nationally accredited and authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.