Student Writes Goodwill Coloring Book

During the spring semester, Goodwill Industries came to Nossi with a great idea. They are launching a new mascot, Goodwilly, and they want to try and reach middle school students in Middle Tennssee to teach them about donating their gently used items when they no longer need them. We had six students put together a creative narrative for Goodwill’s team to read and decide which story to move forward with for the official coloring book. Now, Nossi Illustration students will take this project to create a coloring book for these middle school students. We are really excited about this opportunity for our illustration students!

Goodwilly Meet Goodwilly!

Read the intro to Kelly’s story and stay tuned for the final piece!

Give it to Goodwilly! 

Hey, Kids!  Are you tired of cleaning up your room because you have too much stuff?  Do you have things in your room or closet that you are not using? Maybe it’s a present you didn’t like or a toy you no longer play with. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t worn those clothes or played with those toys in the last year, it’s time to give it to Goodwilly. When you give to Goodwilly, your stuff is then sold at a Goodwill store, and then Goodwill uses the money to help people in the community find jobs.

When you Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose, you are not only giving back to the community in which you live, but you are also helping the environment…