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Tennessee is truly fortunate to have a scholarship program like Tennessee Promise. However, it’s far from perfect. And too often it “pushes” students to the college or degree program that isn’t their #1 choice. Besides the restrictions, there are several hoops to jump through between the community service hours, mentoring program, multiple meetings and more.

This is why Ms. Nossi and Nossi College of Art put their heads together to develop a rewarding scholarship opportunity with fewer restrictions and requirements. In fact, we have TWO solutions for you!

Solution #1: Nossi College of Art Offers the Nossi Promise Scholarship

Designed like the Tennessee Promise, the Nossi Promise Scholarship helps students cover some of the tuition balance (or gap) left after Pell Grants and State Grants are used.

Nossi College of Art gives up to $1,000 a year for the first two years ($2,000 total) to help cover additional tuition expenses. With the Nossi Promise, you won’t have to worry about finding 32 extra hours for community service, mandatory classes or a mentoring process that the Tennessee Promise Scholarship requires. It’s a very simple process to earn your Nossi Promise Scholarship!

Solution #2: Make Your First Two Years COUNT

One question to ask yourself: What do you want from your first two years of college? If you simply want a 2-year Associates Degree, then yes, the Tennessee Promise makes perfect sense. However, if you wish to use those credits to transfer to a 4-year university, we strongly recommend doing your homework.

Too many students are shocked to learn that some or MOST of their “free” tuition credit hours MAY NOT transfer to their next university. In other words, they are not only waste those scholarship dollars, but they also waste credit hours on classes that may not transfer to their next university!

Remember, the first two years in community colleges are primarily general education courses. At Nossi College of Art, the first two years are mostly degree-specific courses. Yes, at Nossi, you start taking the creative classes you WANT to take your very first semester! And because the professional degrees at Nossi do not require as many general education credits, we will not be able to transfer all of your Tennessee Promise credits. (Ex. Multiple Foreign Language classes are required but will not substitute for design or photography classes.)

Let Nossi College Help You Get the Best College Experience
and the Most from Tennessee Promise

To help you better understand what your future may look like after your two “free” years, we created a transfer guide, so you’ll know which class credits will transfer and which ones will not. The guide is set up to compare to Nashville State Community College.

If you’re considering another community college before applying to Nossi College of Art, you can schedule your one-on-one tour, and we can come up with a customized schedule to help you use the Tennessee Promise to its full potential. Of course, if you have any questions with scholarships, grants, or student loans to help you better afford to attend Nossi College, here’s another great article for you.

Remember, these are the Requirements to Be Eligible For the Tennessee Promise Scholarship

  • First, you must be a Tennessee resident. Easy enough, right?
  • Next, you must be a high school, GED or HiSET graduate and age 19 or younger.
  • You must complete the TN Promise application by November 1st (no exceptions). Ideally, you would complete this application in your senior year of high school.
  • You must complete your FAFSA requirements by February 1st. You can learn the two easy steps to filing your FAFSA and getting free money for college right here.
  • You must attend mandatory meetings
  • Find out if the TN Promise is right for you by taking this fun quiz.

Then, while you are in college, you must:

  • Complete 8 hours of community service before each semester you want aid applied (32 hours total)
  • Participate in a mentoring program
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher in college
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