Congratulations to our Spring Semester Winners

During each semester, students put in hard work to show off their creative talents. They attend class full time, they have projects due in and out of the classroom and we always encourage students to get more involved in the Nashville community. At the culmination of every semester, Nossi faculty members come together to cast ballots to nominate students in several creative categories.  These categories include Most Class Participation, Most Creative, Most Improved, Ambassador, Talent Discovery and Academic Allstar. These awards provide a little competitive edge between peers.

Most Class Participation is designed to express gratitude for those students who show extra interest in class and the amount of effort put forth for participation, projects and getting students involved. This semester, Erik Lara, photography, and Madison Weyman, illustration, won this award.

Most Improved showcases students who have show a remarkable improved from the beginning to the end of the spring semester. The Most Improved award this semester was awarded to Willie Esaw, illustration, and Leanne Young, photography.

Most Creative award is a highly sought after award since every student enrolling at Nossi fits a creative profile. This is extra special for the student because they were picked by faculty members who mentor them throughout the semester. Katherine Tackett, photography, and Christian Venson, illustration, took this award home.

Talent Discovery is the highest award we give each semester. This award goes only to seniors getting ready to graduate who are considered “Best of the Best” in their field. In addition to the recognition of this award, students also receive $400. Our Talent Discovery winners for the spring semester include Isaac Callaway, illustration, and Ian Maravalli, photography and video.

This semester we also introduce a new award to our repertoire, the Ambassador Award. This award is designed to recognize students who exemplify our Nossi ‘spirit.’ Not only will the winners have high academics, they also get involved in community events and activities as well as campus and volunteer opportunities. This year the winner of the Ambassador Award is Dusty Draper, photography and Matthew Pritchett, graphic design.

Congratulations to all of our semester award winners!