CMAEDU Meeting SOLID and YEP – Two Young Professional Networking Groups

Blog by Communications VP, Michiah Posey | Images by President, Katherine Seghers

In February for the Spring Semester, the Nossi CMA EDU chapter hosted a networking panel to give over 60 members and nonmembers a chance to interact with representatives from Nashville’s young professional organizations, SOLID and YEP. Three people heavily involved in Nashville’s entertainment and music industries supplied advice and encounters they experienced while working in the real world. The purpose of the event? To learn how to become better networkers as young professionals.

Photo by Katherine Seghers
Photo by Katherine Seghers

SOLID representative John Huelsmen knows first hand just how important networking can be when deciding to find a new job. Thanks to his networking connections, John already has job multiple offers lined up without even sending out his resume. John, along with Richard Vega and Garrison Snell from YEP, shared networking tips as well as some challenges they have faced while networking.  

One suggestion included using networking to meet as many new people as possible. Contact information is key while networking, make sure they get your information and you get theirs. Having business cards ready to go for these events are a big plus. Garrison Snell suggested opting to put your number in their phone instead of a business card so you know they have it. Another suggested to use a creative approach when talking with someone, but ultimately you want to keep the first conversation casual – get the contact info and possibly schedule another chance to meet and discuss work.

Everyone agreed that a big challenge faced when you begin networking is lack of courage. Suggestions from SOLID, “They don’t know you so what do you have to lose? Take a chance to introduce yourself.”

Some of the better advice in the evening – don’t let the drinks get away from you. It is easy to use liquid courage to meet people, but consuming too many drinks can be problematic. There is no recovery from making drunken comments or mistakes.

This panel was a learning experience for everyone involved. While it had some great moments, some Nossi students also encountered a recurring problem in the music industry – ensuring creatives are paid for the value of their work. This conversation, although tough to talk about,  brought upon great discussions not only between the panel hosts but between students and teachers who attended as well.

Thanks to SOLID and YEP for attending the Nossi CMAEDU Panel Event.

Photo by Katherine Seghers. Pictured from Left to Right: Richard Vega, John Huelsman and Garrison Sneed


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