Student Groups To Join in Art College

Your Questions Answered: Why You Should Join a Student Group in Art College!

When you start as an art school student, you may feel like everyone around you has it all figured out. (Spoiler alert – they don’t!) Many students are just like you, trying to find the right path and fit in college. Maybe you worry about having a strong college start, meeting the right people, getting good grades, or even paying your bills.

Learning to juggle becomes your new norm – class, work, social life, ‘me time’ are all important parts of your life to consider. Nossi College of Art wants to help make it a bit easier for those of you who are introverted and still want to get involved. Are you more of an extrovert? Nossi wants to inspire you to do even more!

We highlighted some questions (FAQs) our students have about joining student groups. Simply click on a below question that interests you to see the answer. Have another question? Simply email us and we will add it to our list – because we are sure other students have similar questions.

Why should I join a student group?

Student groups at Nossi College are developed by students because of their interests. All groups are student influenced, so you can have a strong voice on campus. Here are five reasons students join groups:
1. Meet like-minded people – finding your tribe ensures a better college experience so you can share in your successes and struggles with people experience similar situations.
2. Learn about specific industries – do you already know what you want to do after college? Maybe you have an idea and want to learn more about that industry? Nossi connects you with students who have similar interests and professionals who can teach you beyond the classroom
3. Build your network – Student groups will introduce you to people throughout Middle Tennessee. From panel discussions to guest speakers to specialized field trips, you will get to interact with influential people around Nashville.
4. Strengthen Leadership Skills – Take on added responsibilities by challenging yourself to become a leader. We know, the idea of leading others is intimidating, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Plus, it can really impress your future employers!
5. Have fun! College is your chance to learn more about yourself and explore a fun city with fun people. Want to attend an event, network with musicians, get inspired by professional creatives, and make new friends? Student groups are an excellent way to do that.

What is the purpose of a student group?

Student groups are made up of 10 or more students with similar interests. Group leaders and members meet with our student activities monthly (sometimes more). We want to encourage, inform, and inspire students to complete specific goals each semester. Each goal varies depending upon the student leadership, group dynamic, and overall interests. Past goals have included:
– Experience an on-location photoshoot to capture pictures and develop creative for clients
– Attend fashion, music, and leadership events in Nashville
– Hang out on the weekend in an off-campus location
– Create and invite fellow students to attend a guest lecture or panel discussion
– Learn about mindful meditation
– Team build and then attend a video game convention in Nashville

What student groups are available at Nossi College of Art?

Student groups focus on fun and/or professional development. Each of the following groups was started by a student just like you:
1. Kappa Pi Eta Tau – Open to anyone with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who wants to become a campus or community leader. We get involved in helping nonprofits, volunteer for events, host art competitions on campus, and award students for their participation.
2. NossiMICs – This started as our Music Industry Club and has evolved into music, sports, and entertainment. From attending concerts to working with musicians to finding entertainment-related internships, this group is to show you want it looks like to work within Nashville’s entertainment communities.
3. Fashion Creatives – Nashville has a diverse and growing fashion industry, and this group helps students find their fit in the fashion industry. We network with fashion students, professionals, and businesses in Nashville to have fun while learning about the growing Fashion Industry.
4. Colors Club – This is an LGBT-friendly group focused on education and support for LGBT students and allies. Connect with professional mentors and be part of unique events and educational opportunities on campus.
5. Outdoors Club – Middle Tennessee is filled with fantastic outdoor activities and adventures. This group visits parks, hikes, and loves getting outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
6. Veteran’s Club – Are you a veteran or have a family member who is a veteran. Learn about your benefits as a veteran – from specific networking groups to veteran-focused businesses to specific benefits you have access to during and after school.
7. Nashvilillstrators – Created just for illustration students and headed by our Illustration program coordinator, this group helps promote artist collaboration, share your ideas, work together on projects, and learn about careers and freelancing. This is a place where you can be yourself and get to know other artists in the community. 

Nossi also offers Special Interest Groups (SIGS) and gives students space on campus to meet and exchange ideas.

Are there any special qualifications to join a group?

Many of the groups are open to all students in all degree programs. The main requirements are showing up to meetings, communicating your ideas with the group, and attending class.

Several groups do have some additional requirements to join, including:
1. Kappa Pi Eta Tau – Must maintain a 3.0 GPA in your art classes and a 2.5 in your general education studies. This group is open to all students in all programs of all age groups.
2. Veteran’s Group – Must be a veteran or have an immediate family member who is a veteran
3. Nashvillustrator – must be in Nossi’s illustration program

Otherwise, you just have to express an interest in joining!

When do student groups meet?

Student groups meet once or twice a month depending on the availability of the members and projects the group is working on. Remember, each group decides what it wants to accomplish each semester, so attending these meetings are important.

Meetings take place during the lunch or dinner break and Nossi College of Art provides food, typically pizza, so we can get to work before class starts. Connect with Kendall Whiteside in the Learning Resources Center to learn about how you can attend your first meeting.

I am a shy person, can I still join a student group?

Absolutely! Many of our students are a bit shy and don’t know where to get started. The best part about a student group? You will be hanging with students who share your interests! You may even find, over time, your shyness goes away (maybe not completely) because you end up finding your voice in these groups. This is a great way to learn how to express yourself.

Can I join more than one group?

Yes, you absolutely can join as many groups as your time allows. Remember, you do not want to join a group and then never attend. Your friends are relying on your help and input, so it is essential to participate in meetings, volunteer when needed, and communicate your ideas.

There is a rule that you can only be a leader in one group, as that group should have your complete attention.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about a student group?

You will want to contact the Student Activities Coordinator, Kendall Whiteside. You can email him here, find his office in the learning resources center, or message him directly on Facebook.

I want to join, but I don’t have any time!

Before you decide you are already too busy to join, consider talking with our Student Activities Coordinator or Student Services Director about Time Management Skills. Let’s see if we can help plan a better schedule for you. Making time for professional development is really important in college.

What are some perks to joining a student group?

In addition to becoming a more experienced and well-rounded creative, Nossi College also has some perks to add to this list:
1. You can earn additional art college scholarships!
2. You can meet friends who are learning different programs that you might not otherwise meet.
3. Kappa Pi Eta Tau members get a special honor cord and recognition at graduation
4. You get to attend exclusive events off-campus
5. You get to go on special field trips (paid for by student activities)
6. You can tour ad agencies and other cool creative spaces
7. You get to meet musicians and people in the music industry
8. You join a network that includes Nossi College of Art alumni, so it can be easier to find a job and learn about cool opportunities

Are student groups free to join?

Kappa Pi Eta Tau is the ONLY group that has a membership fee because you are joining an international community of creatives. It costs $25 to join the club and $10 each year to renew your membership. In exchange, Kappa Pi members get a t-shirt, Kappa Pi pin, and a Member Certificate.

All other student groups are completely free to join, although occasionally, we attend events that do cost additional dollars. If you are a student who may not be able to afford events, we can work on opportunities where the college can help lighten these costs.

Can I join a group at any time?

We encourage all students to join at the beginning of the semester. This ensures you are part of the communication and activities for the semester. You can join a student group at any time in your college career (from your first semester to your last semester). However, you gain more from a group the earlier you join.

FYI – students in the final semester of their senior year cannot become a student group leader. We want you to focus on all the things necessary to ensure you graduate on time.

I am really interested in starting a new group on campus. Is this possible?

Starting a student group means you become the leader of this group and find nine fellow students who want to join. This group will set up the structure and purpose of the group. You will need to complete the Student Group Application to see if your group qualifies as a sponsored Nossi Club or a Special Interest Group (SIG).

If you are not interested in becoming a leader, you have to find or nominate a student to become the leader of the group.

I’m ready to join, what are my next steps?

Meet fellow students in the group by attending Club Week at the start of each semester and sign your name on the interest list. If Club Week is already over, stop by and see Kendall Whiteside in the Learning Resources Center by the Lecture Hallway. Once you let him know you want to join, you will be invited to our Private Facebook Group so you can be part of the discussion and attend the next meeting. Bring your ideas and what you want to do in this group because most of our adventures come from student ideas!