Meet Hans Chilberg, Nossi’s Video & Film Coordinator

Hans Chilberg is the Video & Film Coordinator for Nossi College of Art. He guides this bachelor of art program, connects with professionals to become instructors, invests in student success, and helps ensure our curriculum is up to date with trends, technology, and skillsets needed for video and film graduates.

Hans grew up in the Nashville area, moved to California to study film, and returned to Nashville to focus on independent features (He completed his first microbudget film in 2017). He joined Nossi College of Art over 10 years ago to influence future video and film professionals, teaching them the relevant information that students need to understand as they become video professionals.

Fun Details about Hans:

Nossi College of Art: What was your first creative job?
Hans Chilberg: I started out like most people – an intern/production assistant. I also worked as a wedding videographer for family and freelanced along the way.

Nossi: Is there something you wish you’d known as you started out in the creative industry?
HC: Trust people who tell you that your health is the most or one of the most important things. Sleep enough. Drink enough real water. Think long game, marathon, pace yourself, big picture career.

Nossi: Who inspires you?
HC: People. People who can listen. People who can fight and accept in a healthy balance. People who trust yet who also doubt, and can think with an open mind.

Nossi: What is the best way to get your foot in the door with a company you want to work for?
HC: You need to show up in person, and leave a resume. Even if for “Six months down the road.” Keep following up. When you are starting, you will work for cheap or free, but that is not something you should do forever.

Nossi: What is a phone app you cannot live without?
HC: My Podcast App

Nossi: Favorite social media platform(s)?
HC: Instagram and LBRY

Nossi: How often do you create something new? 
HC: Everyday

Nossi: What was your first non-creative job?
HC: Renovations and yard work. I would mow lawns and bust out bathroom tile or walls for various renovations.

Nossi: What were you like in high school?
HC: I enjoyed the athletic and artist crowd. I liked to laugh in class, even though I would get into trouble sometimes. I was usually just trying to add some entertainment to class. Things on my mind included: music, poetry, film, sports, friends, family, and my dogs.

Nossi: Superman or Batman?
HC: Batman

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