Senior Exhibition Winter 2023: Ryan Holtslander

Introducing Nossi Videography and Filmmaking Student: Ryan Holtslander

Ryan will be one of the several Nossi graduating seniors displaying their portfolio in the upcoming Winter 2023 Senior Exhibition at Nossi College of Art & Design on Thursday December 7th, 2023.

Creative Professionals, Family + Friends: For more information on attending the Senior Exhibition, please follow this link

Q: What is your goal after graduating form Nossi College of Art & Design? A: My goal is to start at a local production company to expand my skills in post production. With my experience I plan to achieve a vfx compositing job with larger companies like Digital Domain or ILM.

Q: Looking back, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself on your first day of art college? A: To make more friends to build more connections in Nashville.

Keep in touch with Ryan’s artistic endeavors through social channels:

Instagram: vfxwithryan

Website: ryanholtslander.my.canva.site

YouTube: VFX with Ryan

Holtslander VFX Reel 2023

The Impossible Kick - A 2023 Documentary

I'll Run Away With You (Short Film)

Absolute Power II - Short Film

Davis Loose - John Deere Tractor Beer (Official Video)


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