Senior Exhibition Spring 2024: Simon Glanville

Introducing Nossi Graphic Design Student: Simon Glanville

Simon will be one of the several Nossi graduating seniors displaying their portfolio in the upcoming Spring 2024 Senior Exhibition at Nossi College of Art & Design on Thursday April 11th, 2024.

Creative Professionals, Family + Friends: For more information on attending the Senior Exhibition, please follow this link

Q: What is your goal after graduating form Nossi College of Art & Design? A: I would love to continue my graphic design career in Chicago, IL as a creative/art director. As an artist, I will strive to make the artistic world a safe space for all, as creativity needs to be something all walks of people should be allowed to express.

Q: Looking back, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself on your first day of art college? A: Don't compare yourself to others and their works. You are your own person and you will do just fine as you are.

Keep in touch with Simon’s artistic endeavors through social channels:
Instagram: @simonsayscreations
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