Nossi Senior Portfolio and Award Show – Fall 2019

On December 12, 2019, 12 Nossi College of Art seniors presented their portfolios at a gallery show and reception. Of the seniors graduating this fall, four represented the Illustration Department, two represented the Web & Interactive Design Program, one represented the Graphic Design Department, and five represented the Photography Department.

Special shout out to Nick Fantasia, a Nossi Photography student who helps document events like the Senior Portfolio and Awards Show!

All twelve students completed their required coursework, selected their most successful projects, and polished each project to present their best work to potential employers, fellow friends and family members. A wide variety of people, including the business and creative communities in Nashville are invited to attend each Senior Show to scout for potential employees.

Pride was abundant throughout the evening not only from the seniors who worked hard to prepare but also from the families of the seniors who celebrated this accomplishment with them. Department Coordinators also expressed joy in their students’ accomplishments. An Awards Ceremony wrapped up the evening with several of the seniors and undergraduates receiving special recognition.

On the morning after the Portfolio Show, Nossi’s Career Services Department invites multiple Nashville creative professionals and companies to send their staff and interview students individually. Giving important feedback assists students in their next steps after graduation.

These Mock Interviews allow soon-to-be grads to learn about the interview process while highlighting their portfolio of skills. Students will:

Learn what to wear to an interview
– Learn about their strengths and how to sell them
– Learn about their weaknesses and how to improve them
– Understand they can ask questions, too! They get to interview the company, too.
– Need to be confident, but be sure not to brag. Their real-world experience is limited.

Nossi’s next semester begins in January 2020, and they have three enrollment periods, with a year-round school schedule (Spring – January, Summer – May, Fall – September). The Nossi community anticipates a very successful semester and looks forward to a new round of accomplished graduates.

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