Nossi Students Make Honor Roll

Nossi College of Art would like to recognize students who completed their fall 2012 semester achieving honor roll status. In the fall semester, Nossi had 100 students who qualified for the honor roll, maintaining a grade point average of 3.40 or higher.

“We are proud of our students’ commitment to maintain a high standard being named to the honor roll,” said Cyrus Vatandoost, executive vice president at Nossi.

The following students were part of the fall 2012 honor roll:

Summa Cum Laude 4.00 GPA:

Kim Anglin, Hannah Burchard, Jeremy Cope, Dustin Draper, Kevin Edwards, Antonio Fajardo, Caitlin Harris, Alecia Hoback, Hannah Ingram, Bethany Krebs, Victoria Lee, Mascha Muenzesheimer, Richard Norris, Jennifer Teeter, Bethany Terry, Amber Thomas, Christopher Wilkerson, Madeline Ziecker, Ian Maravalli, Michael Nordstrom, Dwayne Myers, Steven Hudson, Meagan McCoy, Nicholas Whitson, Amanda Mix, Elisha Bennett, Teressa Evans, Marc Colver, Cassandra White, Jessica Williams, Theresa Flaspeter, Patrick McKee, Eli Draughn, Erik Lara, Michael Farr, Donn Jobe, Kelly Pratt, Jonathan Wesenberg, Tina Woodall, Sean Webster, Richard Loupe, Collin Reynolds

Magna Cum Laude 3.60 – 3.79 GPA:

BrittRussell Ewings, Charlie Adams, Ashlee Dottery, Jamie Hernandez, Rylee Raleigh, Suzannah Rominger, Brittany Stewart, Remelia Turc, Brittany Tytlandsvik, Jessica Beferea, Alissa Czibrik, Kayla Cline-Stewart, Melissa Driver, Amanda Trowell, Benjamin Collins, Brenna Hicks, Kelly Ann Williams, Jeffery Franks, Robert Rothering, Wyneka Thomas, Dalton Coghill,

Cum Laude 3.4 – 3.59 GPA:

Felisha Shope, Olivia Mamou, Amber Anderson-Holt, Xavier Camacho, Shelby Deaton, Emily Evetts, Douglas Garrison, Pedro Gonzalez, Christine Graves, Cynthia Haggard, Samantha Hoxit, Justin Mayhew, Carrie Moreland, Jesse Musorafite, Marilyn Petitfils, Krista Riddle, Shayna Thurman, Allison Toon, Cheryl Dobbs, Nicholas Huddleston, Elizabeth Harris, Matthew Harris, Regina Landis, Erica Murray, Chelsea White, Christy Carlson, Paul Hampton, Kayla Schoen, Alexandra Tedford, Antonio Flores II, Matthew Pritchett, Anthony Crumpler, Jeremy Suter, Lawrence Winston, Maria Ayala, Jordan Williamson, Austin Kozuszek

The core of Nossi’s educational model is based on real world experiences. Adjunct faculty members currently active in their creative career teach the students. Nossi also partners with local businesses and non-profits to help with brand identity, web development, marketing strategies or photography and video projects. This experience helps students understand how the creative industry works, well before they graduate.

“Students on the honor roll are more likely to be involved in client-based projects,” said Libby Funke, student activities and communications coordinator. “This experience is invaluable to students looking for career-based jobs during school and after graduation.”

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