In Studio with Musical Guest, Phil Vassar

Jamming in studio with several photographers, the music had enough rhythm to keep your toes tapping as we anxiously waited for our model to arrive. After discussing ideas, directions, dates and photo sets, Phil Vassar and his team were eager to utilize Nossi’s CMAEDU Creative Team to experiment with new techniques and ideas for his upcoming college tour. Phil Vassar made a name for himself in Country Music as a songwriter. Working with artists like Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson, and creating classic country music, he was named Country Songwriter of the Year in 1999 by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Today, he is a country music star who is touring across North America and creating hit after hit. You may have heard Just Another Day in Paradise, one of 19 hit singles?

Listening to his music while generating ideas, students brought in props and thought about ways to showcase Phil’s country vibe while keeping his rocker edge. Moving from set to set, Phil’s smile grew as the evening progressed. He was having just as much fun as the students.

Once the photo shoot commenced, the work began for our designers. Taking the photos approved from the shoot, three students transformed the images to social collateral to share across the web. They even created his new hashtag, #NoPHILter. The hashtag made his FB cover photo, while his current cover image (at the time of publication) is Laci K Kent’s photo from the Nossi shoot. Dusty Draper’s photos also appeared as a profile picture and cover photo.

“The students were so professional from the planning and preparation before the shoot to the photo shoot itself and then afterwards to post-production and creative marketing with the images. You could tell the teachers and staff had taught them well,” said Phil Vassar.

Working with musicians like Phil Vassar gives students the chance to experience a professional set because they work with a team of fellow student photographers, assistants, videographers, art directors and designers. Teachers are on set to ensure everything runs smoothly and answer questions along the way.

Video by Steven Webster

“Thank you Nossi College of Art. The students and staff at Nossi took something I generally don’t enjoy – preparing for and standing around at a photo shoot – and made it easy and fun,” said Phil Vassar.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the way the photos came out; we are using them in our new marketing materials this summer. On top of the shoot, the students presented me and my staff with several creative marketing materials, the quality I would expect at the top marketing firms around town.

Video by Amanda Fay York

“Before this shoot, I didn’t know much about Nossi or its students. Now, seeing Nossi listed on a resume stands out and makes an impression. I had a great time working with them and I look forward to more projects with them again in the future.”

Wishing you all the best for your summer and fall tour, Phil! #NoPhilter

Students involved in the shoot:

Photography – Dusty Draper and Laci K. Kent

Photo Assistants – Katherine Seghers, Corey Bowers,

​Video and Film – Amanda Fay York, Steven Webster

Video Assistant – Tamario Reeves

Art Direction – Greg Ellis, Landon Matney, Marti Bare, Kaylia Caudel, Brandon Lile, Shelby Deaton, Kevin Steward

Designers – Greg Ellis, Landon Matney, Marti Bare

Teachers involved: Reeves Smith, Russ Hilliard, Maria Colomy

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