Cheatham County Art Show Prize: Nossi College of Art Scholarship!

An exclusive invitation was sent to a select few artists and special guests for April 23, but luckily this exhibit will be open for a FREE public viewing once the Juried Art Show concludes.

The Art League of Cheatham County will present 80 pieces of artwork from 34 artists around Cheatham County. Winners will receive cash prizes plus a graduating high school senior will have the opportunity to earn a Nossi College of Art scholarship!

Discover the Winner!

juried art show

This second annual Juried Art Show will be exhibited for a full week at the Sycamore Square Government Center on Frey Street in Ashland City starting April 24.

Juried Art Judges

Three distinguished judges – Catron Wallace, Lisa Jennings, and Anne Goetze – will review all the artwork submitted in three categories: 2D Design, 3D Design, and Photography. They each have experience and are well versed in all areas of painting, sculpture, and photography. 

Catron Wallace is an artist and painter in Middle Tennessee who was crowned Creator of the Year in 2020 by Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.

Lisa Jennings is a painter and sculptor in the area whose work is currently exhibited at the TN State Museum in addition to private and corporate buyers and collectors.

Anne Goetze was born into a family of artists and painters and made a name for herself through painting and film projects. She also has work displayed in the TN State Museum.

Student Winner

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ramsey, a high school senior from Harpeth High School in Cheatham County. Her photograph titled, “Blue Face” won the Nossi Pick Scholarship. Her art teacher Adam Sandor accepted the award on her behalf. Thank you for submitting your great work, Elizabeth! Randy McQuien Jr presented to scholarship on behalf of Nossi College of Art.

Show Details + Directions

art league of cheatham county

This is the second Juried Art Show from the Art League of Cheatham Country. The winners were announced at an invitation-only show opening reception on Friday, April 23. There was a total of $4150 in cash prizes for first, second, and third place winners in three categories, and a first-place cash award in the Student Juried Art Show. In addition, one lucky graduating senior will earn a Nossi College of Art Scholarship called the Nossi Pick.

The art show is open to the public for one week starting Saturday, April 24 – April 30. Head to Sycamore Square Government Center to see 80 pieces of Cheatham County Artwork!

Nossi College of Art believes that local art shows and galleries is a great way to showcase and promote local creative talent. Nossi College awarded over $15,000 in creative scholarships to local shows and nonprofits to help Tennessee’s creative class earn their art education in 2020.

“This is an important opportunity for Nossi College to help recognize and reward the creative talent coming from Cheatham County,” said Cyrus Vatandoost, Nossi College of Art’s Executive Vice President. “We are excited to partner with local nonprofits and give high school seniors scholarships to continue their creativity so they can have successful careers in Tennessee.”   

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