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What You Need to Know as a College Transfer Student

Are you interested in transferring to an undergraduate art degree program? Are you finding that you have more questions than answers? Nōssi College of Art wants to help. We are a professional art college located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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What degree programs can I transfer into at Nōssi College of Art?

Nōssi offers five undergraduate art degree programs. Click on the program below to learn more including career options, complete curriculum details, and teacher highlights.
1. Commercial Photography
2. Video & Film
3. Graphic Design
4. Commercial Illustration
5. Culinary Arts (Launches Fall 2021!)

What semester can I start at Nōssi?

Nōssi is proud to offer a flexible enrollment schedule for transfer students. You can start in January for our spring semester, May for our summer semester, or September for our fall semester.

View Nōssi’s enrollment dates.

How do I start the transfer process at Nōssi College?

Contact the Nōssi Admissions Director by calling (615)-514-2787 or emailing and tell us you are interested in transferring your credits to Nōssi.

*To confirm which credits will transfer, Nōssi will need your official transcript from the previous college you attended. (We can start with a copy of an unofficial transcript, but to enroll, an official transcript will be needed).

Is an official transcript from my previous college required?

Yes, we will need an official copy of your previous college transcript. The student will have to request the official transcript directly from the Office of the Registrar because most colleges do not allow a third party to reach out on your behalf.

To get started, you can bring an unofficial transcript to see what classes you have taken to discuss your path with Nossi.

How long does it take for Nossi to receive an official transcript?

This question is really dependent upon the college you are transferring from. Sometimes this process can be completed quickly, especially if the college has a digital transfer request option. If your college is using a mailed-transcript method, it can typically take between 2-4 weeks for your transcript to arrive in the mail.

What happens after Nossi receives my official transcript?

Nōssi’s registrar will review your transcript to discover which credits will transfer into our art degree programs.

Also, our admissions director will contact you with a list of approved credits. You will need to complete the enrollment process to start classes. To do so, apply to the college, take a campus tour, complete an admissions interview, and showcase your portfolio of work (These last two steps are typically conducted following your campus tour. We recommend scheduling at least one hour for your tour).

Ready to apply to Nōssi? Get your online application started.

Ready to schedule your campus tour? See our calendar of availability.

Still need to submit your portfolio for consideration? Get started by checking Nōssi’s portfolio requirements.

How important are my grades when transferring to Nossi?

Nōssi requires that all transferred courses have a minimum C grade (2.0 GPA) to earn transfer credits.

What are Nōssi’s student requirements?

All Art Degree Programs: First semester students are not required to have a laptop, HOWEVER, if you are transferring in credits and starting on your second semester or later, a laptop WILL BE required.

Nōssi recommends purchasing an Apple/MAC laptop based on industry-standard needs. Please ask your admissions rep to see the complete list of laptop recommendations.

Photography + Video & Film: Students are required to have a camera. We have a recommended list of camera equipment, please ask your admissions representative for this list.

Commercial Illustration: Students have a required list of art supplies that will be needed throughout their undergraduate degree program. If you would like to see a copy of this list, please ask your admissions representative.

Graphic Design: Students have a required list of art supplies to get started in their undergraduate degree program. Art supplies will not be needed as students advance in their undergraduate degree program, however, students may continue purchasing supplies for their own interests. If you would like to see a copy of this list, please ask your admissions representative.

If you are uncertain about what to purchase for your program or you have additional questions, please WAIT to purchase your supplies. On the first day of class, you can ask your instructor or program coordinator additional questions.

I am interested in Nōssi, but I am not sure when I want to start.

We understand you have a lot of decisions to make as a transfer student. Sign up to get monthly emails to learn more about the college. You can apply or schedule a tour when you are ready.

Does Nōssi offer undergraduate scholarships for their art degree programs?

Yes! Nossi College of Art offers four unique scholarship opportunities just for our transfer students. See the rules and if you qualify for these scholarships by heading to our scholarship page.

There are several websites dedicated to additional scholarship dollars, including FastWeb, Unigo, and

I’m a Watkins College of Art transfer, what do I need to know?
I’m an Arti Institute transfer student, what do I need to know?
I’m a Memphis College of Art transfer student, what do I need to know?

Transferring courses is not an exact science. Please remember that the decisions concerning acceptance of credits by any institution other than the granting institution are made at the sole discretion of the receiving institution.

If you have a question not listed above, we encourage you to visit our contact page and let us know. Other art school students may have a similar question, and we can update this post accordingly.

If you are ready to discover exactly which of your courses will transfer, please email our Admissions Director, Mitzi Hatfield. It is easy and completely free to start.

Call us at (615)-514-2787 or email us.