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Here to Stay

Nossi College is a nationally-accredited, professional collegiate institution transforming the artistic landscape of Nashville and the Southeast since 1973. Never bought out, shut down or liquidated, everything we do comes from the needs of the community.

Celebrating 45 Years In Nashville

We’ve Got the Degree for You

All of our degree programs are designed to give students the knowledge to go out after graduation and land a career in their field. The curriculum blends classic and modern techniques and teaches through practical training outside the classroom. After graduation, our students can take on the world with an art, business and marketing mindset.

Nashville Needs Creatives

• Nashville Third-Best Big City for Jobs in U.S. forbes magazine
• #7 on Forbes’ list of Top 25 Fastest-Growing Cities of 2018
• Top 20 City for Tech Jobs, time magazine
• Nashville is #6 City for Young Professionals, smart asset
• #1 Metro Area for Professional and Business Service Jobs, Forbes


I Have College Credits, Will They Transfer?

Find out if your credits are compatible by sending Nossi an unofficial transcript. You’ll need a C average or higher for credits to transfer, and the college you’re transferring from must be accredited. Once you provide an official transcript, our registrar will confirm which credits will transfer, and you can move forward with enrollment. Schedule a tour or ask a question below to get the ball rolling!

No Friday or Weekend Classes

Nossi offers morning, afternoon and evening classes, with select general education classes available online. If you are interested in our Evening Degree Program, classes are only Mondays – Thursdays from 6 – 10 pm. Plus, no classes on Friday means you can count on a 3-day weekend, every weekend!

Job Placement

Did you know 95% of our 2013 graduates had a job after graduation?*  Our career services department is dedicated to your success, helping you with mock interviews, résumé writing help and more. Plus, Forbes Magazine ranked Nashville sixth in the country for Best Big City for Jobs in 2014!

You’ll get networking opportunities with leading Nashville businesses and with organizations like American Advertising Federation, Ad2 Nashville, Metro Arts and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Learn from Creative Pros

At Nossi, you don’t just learn from instructors—you learn from active, creative professionals who know how to make your career successful. You’ll also get the chance to network with prominent local groups and businesses, so you’re ready to start making money as soon as you graduate.

All Access: Your Backstage Pass to a Creative Career

Nossi All Access gives you a chance to explore work opportunities before earning your degree. Work alongside Nashville’s creative elite, and build a portfolio filled with brag-worthy work. It’s exactly what you need to graduate fully-equipped for a creative career: Experienced, connected and ready to use your skills in a job you love. Learn more about All Access

Financial Aid Available

Nossi is one of the most affordable art colleges in the area. How do we help you keep college costs in check?

  • Fixed-tuition policy means tuition never goes up for active students
  • Special scholarships for transfer, rural and out-of-state students
  • No out-of-state tuition fees
  • Interest-free options for students who pay on time
  • Together program – audit courses for free to stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments
  • Lifetime access to Career Services for all Nossi graduates

* job placement assistance available for all graduates. Institutional placement total for 2013 was 95%. ** source

Off-Campus Housing

Nossi is excited to introduce off-campus housing through Collegiate Housing Services. This concierge service is designed to remove the stress of finding affordable housing for college. Discover your housing options and enjoy perks such as single monthly payments, a roommate finder, fun amenities and a student activities group, connecting you with fellow Nossi students.  Have questions now? Click here for more info.

Portfolio Requirements

The degree programs at Nossi College of Art have different requirements for acceptance. Students must submit work to be eligible and accepted to attend Nossi College of Art. Discover the requirements needed for each program here. Nossi admissions team is here to help with any questions you have!



We understand, you have specific questions about your college career. We have been talking with a lot of AI students and we wanted to supply this information so you know the best way to get started.


Can I get my Financial Aid worked out in time?

Yes! There is a financial aid process to better understand your needs. You can get started in one of two ways:


Have you already created an FAFSA ID and password? If so, we recommend updating the school code to Nossi’s code – 017347. That is the easiest and best way to get started.

If you haven’t created your ID and Password, do so here and add Nossi’s school code to your financial package.


Log into your FAFSA ID here

Need to create an account? Do so here.


Once Nossi College’s school code has been added to your account, your financial aid paperwork will be updated in the system and we can pull a more accurate overview of your account.


Help! I cannot find where to update my school code?

No problem! Our admissions team is happy to help. Please call 615-514-2787 and ask for Mitzi Hatfield or Roger Qualls. Our admissions team is available via phone from 9 – 6 PM Monday through Thursday or Friday from 9 – 4 PM. You can also reach them via email – Mhatfield at or RQualls at


What does the financial aid process look like?

If you need help setting up or updating your account, we will not be able to finalize your package that day. We can set up a follow up meeting with our financial team to finalize your package.  This will take around 20 minutes to complete.


If you already have your account setup, we can see what you qualify for in grants, loans and possible scholarships. You can expect to spend about an hour to complete your financial aid package. Also, if you are a dependent student, we will need a parent or guardian to be part of this meeting as well.


I’ve been told AI will give me a $5,000 scholarship to attend Nossi.  Is this true?

Nossi College has heard similar information from the local Art Institute campus in Nashville. We sent AI a transfer of credit and partnership agreement. However, at this time, no official agreement has been signed by AI’s corporate office. We will continue to provide an update to this question as soon as any new information is acquired from AI.


What do I need to bring with me?

Great question! We want to ensure you are as prepared as possible. Please bring in your transcript so we can see how your classes will transfer. We cannot move forward without your class transcript.


We also recommend you bring your driver’s license and any artwork you have created. This can range from paintings and pictures you have drawn to pictures and video on your phone. We want to better understand your creative process, and showing us your work is a great way to do that! Have questions about your art and what to bring, please call or email us! 615-514-2787

Mitzi Hatfield –

Roger Qualls –


What is the best way to get started?

Booking your tour of the school. To enroll in Nossi College, a school tour and a talk with our admissions team is required. You can call 615-514-2787 to set up your tour or you can click this link. Ask for Mitzi Hatfield or Roger Qualls.


What are your hours of operation?

The campus is open from 7:30 AM to 10 PM Monday through Thursday

Our admissions team is here from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Thursday

On Friday, the campus is open on limited hours from 9 AM to 4 PM


– We are happy to call, text, email or visit in person – let us know the best way to reach you!


What is your address?

590 Creative Way, Nashville TN

From Downtown Nashville, you will take Ellington Parkway North until it ends into Briarville Road. You will see a Shell Gas station, take a left just before the Shell – that is Creative Way. You will see Nossi at the top of the hill. When you pull into our campus, please park to the immediate left or right and come in through the front door. The front desk receptionist will help you from there.
From the South – Following 65N until the Briley Parkway Exit, you will want to head towards Opry Mills. Take the second exit – Briarville Road and get into the left lane. You will see a Shell Gas station, take a left just before the Shell – that is Creative Way. You will see Nossi at the top of the hill. When you pull into our campus, please park to the immediate left or right and come in through the front door. The front desk receptionist will help you from there.
From the North – take I65S until you reach the Briley Parkway Exit, you will want to head towards Opry Mills. Take the second exit – Briarville Road and get into the left lane. You will see a Shell Gas station,take a left just before the Shell – that is Creative Way. You will see Nossi at the top of the hill. When you pull into our campus, please park to the immediate left or right and come in through the front door. The front desk receptionist will help you from there.


When does the Fall semester start?

The fall semester starts Monday, September 10 at 8 AM


When is Fall Freshman Orientation?

Freshman orientation is on Thursday, September 6 at 2 PM and last about two hours. We will go over final paperwork, classroom information, student activities and you will get to meet some teachers and fellow classmates while talking with some vendors about needs like banking, creative supplies, student group involvement and local businesses who can help you with college needs and essentials.


About Nossi College

Our Campus

Nossi’s campus is an artists’ gem located just north of downtown Nashville, Tenn. We’ve built the perfect creative oasis for students and teachers to collaborate and learn.

Our History

Nossi College of Art began as a fine art school in 1973 and transformed from two students learning art in a kitchen to a nationally-accredited, professional collegiate institution.



One of the unique aspects about Nossi College, we stack our faculty with instructors who are also professional artists around Middle Tennessee. Aside from teaching our students, all of our instructors have careers as active, working professionals for local businesses or they created their own businesses. The ability to keep up with industry trends while teaching is a major advantage for Nossi students.

Ready to Schedule Your Tour?

The perfect way to get started is to schedule a tour with our admissions team. You will get a one-on-one tour to talk about your specific needs. You will get a chance to see our creative spaces, meet some teachers and students and connect with an admin team dedicated to helping you every step of the way. – link with button –


Ready to Submit your Application (no button) – although we have a transfer application online, we prefer al AI students connect with our admissions team before completing an official application to ensure top priority.


Fall Semester begins Sept 9

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