Yellow Shoes Creative: Disney's Design Team Visits Nossi

Richard Norris was the kid who glued himself to the TV screen whenever his mom popped in Star Wars on VHS. The sci-fi film series was a household staple and his love for the action-packed fantasy movies has since remained strong. Richard, an Interactive Graphic Design student a Nossi, recently had the unique opportunity to reconnect with his inner child and engage with the very people who made the movies we all grew up watching.

unnamed On January 15th, Nossi students like Richard escaped the harsh reality of homework and bleak winter weather with a special visit from the world’s leading entertainment provider: Disney. Matthew Stewart and John McCall of Yellow Shoes Creative, Disney’s advertising and design group, showcased a sampling of recent digital and social campaigns so students might understand how to effectively communicate a vision.

Yellow Shoes Creative’s mission is to create an experience with the brand that is equal to the experience a guest has when they visit the park. In the words of Matthew Stewart, “Our charge is to uphold the standards that disney fans and guests expect from a Disney experience.”

unnamed-1 Both John and Matthew are natives of the South, and their stories resonated with students who are cultivating their careers in the industry. One attendee stated that Nossi’s guest speakers “open new avenues for students to gain relevant knowledge before graduation.”

The students weren’t the only ones impressed, though. The Disney duo was “blown away” by Nossi’s facilities, emphasizing “…it’s an advantage to be exposed to so many real world tools in the school environment.”

The event was a true success and serves as a testimony to Nossi’s investment in the professional and personal growth of its student body. Not to mention, I think everyone could use a little Disney magic in their lives.

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