Nossi Students Capture CMAFest 2017

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Each year, Nossi College of Art submits students’ concert photography portfolios to the Country Music Association hoping to be selected to capture CMA Fest in person as official, credentialed photographers. That’s right, Nossi photo students have shared the stage with Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Hunter Hayes and have portfolio images to prove it! The CMA is selective in who attends each year and selects only a handful of college and university students for the CMA Award of Merit team based on their portfolios. Luckily, for Nossi College student, we have connected with music venues across town to act as their ‘house photographers’ to capture concerts throughout Music City. These opportunities enable our music photographers to experience a variety of music genres while working through the different lighting (or lack of lighting) situations. Every concert Nossi photographers capture gets them one step closer to a portfolio that qualifies them to shoot CMA Fest using Nossi All Access. Nossi has even created a student group for music industry interests called NossiMICs (Music Industry Club). We partner with local groups like the Country Music Association and Lightning 100, Nashville local radio station. Once students are selected for CMA Award of Merit team, they attend several meetings with CMA’s Creative staff to prepare for shooting all four days and nights of the June festival, shooting alongside the industry’s best. Students are given a map of the event, and they walk the festival grounds with CMA staff before the festival begins. Important locations and…

Nossi at CMA Fest

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

Each year, The Country Music Association puts several college students on location to capture stories, photographs and fun times happening at CMA Fest in downtown Nashville. Because of the photo talent taught at Nossi College of Art, we have sent at least three people to CMA Fest for the past three year. We have even started the first creative CMAEDU chapter in the nation, joining ranks with business CMAEDU’s at Belmont, Texas A&M and Ohio State. This year, we had over eight students attend CMA Fest in various capacities. From running SID cards, to editing photos to being on the main stage at LP Field taking pictures, our photography students were loving their #NossiAllAccess J Scott Whigham was able to shoot for his portfolio and for the Tennessean. Check out the Tennessean Photo Gallery along with Scott’s website.  Laci K Kent shot for both The Tennessean and South Magazine. She was also able to showcase images on her website, Krista Lee Photography got to do some behind the scenes work but was able to get on stage with her camera as well. You can see more by following Krista Lee on Instagram. Chris Garett was able to capture anything he wanted because he was one of four photographers there for CMAEDU and their College Program. View his work on his Facebook page. Bets Wilson was also on location, one of four photographers in Middle Tennessee chosen to capture CMA Fest in images! Dusty Draper, check out his images!  

Dusty Draper Wins Award of Merit from CMA

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Pictured from Left to Right – Christian Botorff (CMA), Nossi Vatandoost, Dusty Draper, Amanda Eckard (CMA). Photo by Russ Hilliard In the field of photography, there are many different interests and opportunities, allowing professionals to master a specific field or become versatile in the many facets of photography. “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do in photography,” said Dusty Draper, student at Nossi College of Art. “I had certain interests but I wanted to try everything so I could figure out my niche.” The Nossi College curriculum incorporates the area’s only All Access program, connecting professional art students to Nashville’s entertainment industries. All Access began the same time Dusty Draper first enrolled. The program was in its initial stage and its goal was to plug students into assignments and events with real clients and real businesses – giving students insight about the industry before graduation. Dusty’s current success can be traced back to his willingness to get involved and volunteer for as many assignments as he could fit in his schedule. From attending non-profit events with the Pencil Foundation, shooting courtside at Vanderbilt basketball or capturing Lightning 100’s Live on the Green, Dusty was always willing to get involved and capture events for Nashville clients. In 2014, because of Dusty’s success with All Access, he built his portfolio to submit for Media Access to CMA Fest. Every year, the Country Music Association handpicks Nashville-area college students to document the CMA Fest in pictures and words. Very few students…

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