Spring 2024 Senior Exhibition

The major part of each graduating senior's last semester is dedicated to creating, curating, and developing their individual portfolio: the best of their best, their body of creative work from their time studying and creating at Nossi College of Art & Design over the past few years.

The best part? They get to present their portfolio work during the Senior Exhibition held at the end of each semester. Creative professionals in the various industries are invited to come peruse the portfolio work and connect with the students on their next journey to being professional artists and designers.

A special shout out to our Culinary program's Catering Class for providing food for the event!

A huge congratulations to all graduating seniors who participated in this Spring's Senior Exhibition! 

Graphic Design Seniors:

Jordan Bloodworth, Adelaide Budd, Justin Crutcher, Turner Frilling, Simon Glanville, Haley Durham, Deon Tutt Jr, Keosha Whaley

Video & Film Seniors:

Jahquan Hall, Lucas Mills, Sawyer Richardson, Masey Veatch

Culinary Arts Seniors:

Cristie Mays, Paulla Crittenden, Johnathan Hollingsworth, Ashley Miller, Cassie Miller, Shelby Watson, Patrick Di Silvio

Photography Seniors:

Meghna Bhakta, Celine Medrano, Melissa Purinton, CarTerrius Rowser

Illustration Technologies Seniors:

Marisol AmayaMolina, Hayden Hall, Tracie Johnson, Gabrielle Lovelace, Sami Qualls, Catherine Saunders, Claire Seiber, Monica Wingard


2024A_Senior show_298
Spring 2024 Senior Exhibition Photography by: Dakota Jones @d.lane_photos
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