Nossi Student Work: K. Chavez, Spain Portfolio

Photo by: Kate Chavez
Photo by: Kate Chavez

Students in the Travel Photography Class are required to submit a variety of photographs for the portfolio final. Here is what photography student, Kate Chavez, captured in Spain:

“Daily life in Spain... feels reminiscent, nostalgic...” - K. Chavez

“Adding notes to photos or journaling is a great habit to start so you understand the emotions, smell, and live reaction to that moment in time. Have your camera ready at any time to take photos since you're in a different country you would not want to miss any normal event that happens there that could be different to you, culturally.” - K. Chavez

“I wish for my mother to see my photos and have her feel like she was experiencing the adventure instead of me, that is what i want my pictures to reflect.” - K. Chavez

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