Turn Your Baby’s Perfect Insta Shot into a $500 College Savings Account!

Nossi College of Art invites alumni and community members to submit photos showing off the personality of their baby for possible use in an upcoming marketing campaign. If your baby’s photos fit the campaign’s theme, I’m Different – I’m Nossi, families will be asked to attend a professional photoshoot at the college. Each participant will at least receive copies of their professionally-shot photographs.

After the photoshoot is complete, any child that is chosen to be part of this campaign will receive a $500 college savings account established by Nossi College of Art’s founder, Ms. Nossi Vatandoost and her son, Cyrus Vatandoost, the college’s executive vice president (See official rules at the bottom of the page.).

“Nossi College started in Nashville 46 years ago and has served this community ever since. It’s only natural that we want to showcase Nashville’s youngsters in our new campaign.”

Ms. Nossi Vatandoost, Nossi College of Art Founder
Nossi College of Art

Because babies show such unique personalities, their images will help illustrate the variety of interests and backgrounds found in Nossi College’s students and alumni. The photoshoot for selected babies could include as many as 20 participants, each representing a different mood and attitude. The I’m Different – I’m Nossi campaign will also illustrate the family atmosphere felt between students and teachers at the college during and after the time they spend on campus.

The importance of providing the opportunity of higher education to as many people as possible is a motivating reason for this project. The college founder, Ms. Nossi Vatandoost, said that helping young people in the local community is very important to her.

“Higher Education is essential to upward mobility and if Nossi College can help a few young families get started early, it’s our pleasure to do so,” Ms. Vatandoost stated. “Nossi College started in Nashville 46 years ago and has served this community ever since. It’s only natural that we want to showcase Nashville’s youngsters in our new campaign.”

The submission period for photos is July 31, 2019, to August 30, 2019. The photoshoot will most likely take place in mid-September.

To submit photos for consideration, follow these simple instructions. We are accepting photos through August 30, 2019.

Rules and regulations:

  • All babies submitted for consideration needs to be between the ages of 10 and 18 months.
  • Send 1-2 pictures of your little one to baby@nossi.edu by August 30.
  • When submitting, please include the parent’s name, the age of their child, the best way to contact the parent (phone and/or email).
  • Families will be informed if their baby is selected by the end of the day, August 30 by email or phone call.
  • The photoshoot will happen on a Friday and/or Saturday morning in early September, depending on everyone’s schedules.

**It is important to remember that if a baby is selected for the photoshoot, each family will get high-resolution digital images of their baby. We will not be printing any images.
** Even if your baby is part of this photoshoot, the baby may NOT be selected for the final campaign. All babies involved with get professional digital images.
**A College Savings Account will ONLY be created for baby’s whose final images are selected for the campaign.
**Once final selections are made, families are notified that a college fund will be created for the child.
**Nossi College will be sure the family has digital images of the marketing campaign, if interested.

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