Michael Lang Delivers Commencement Speech at Nossi

Michael Lang, a professional artist, illustrator and graphic designer, attended Nossi College of Art’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 4, 2016, as the commencement speaker. Michael Lang has 34 years of experience as a multi-talented creative. He attended Central Academy of Commercial Art, a small art school in Cincinnati, Ohio. After leaving art school Michael immediately got a job at a screen print and novelties company creating designs and illustrations for many of the top Nascar and music legends including Richard Petty, Geoff Bodine, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams Jr, Alabama and many many more. He had a sweet gig with a printing company, designing and illustrating restaurant menus, billboards, letterheads and packaging. He worked with GooGoo Cluster’s as well as King Leo Candy. In addition to these well known companies, Michael was an employee for Lifeway Christian Resources in Nashville, Tenn. He designed, illustrated and managed hundreds of projects for them over the years.


During the ceremony, he shared professional experiences and offered advice for graduates to carry with them in their careers and throughout life. His advice was easy to digest, saying boldly that his strongest piece of wisdom to offer, is “Don’t be a jerk… as talented as you might be, it can never out trump how you act.” He spoke to graduates about the reality of their jobs, and reminded them that being a chameleon will keep you growing. Possessing the ability to adapt and being willing to learn a new set of skills will soon make these students assets to any creative project they set their sights on. His speech was conversational in tone, and its applications useful for more than just young creative graduates.


Sharing a piece of his story and advice from the heart, Michael displayed his last point to the audience of sharing what you know and giving back what you have acquired. Michael states, “Give back. You have been given an opportunity to go to school, to live in this great country and to be in the position to follow your dreams. Most, if not all of you, had help along the way. You have been helped to get to this place in life. It is time to share the wealth.” Nossi students will go on to be Nashville’s up-and-coming graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and videographers.


View Michael’s most recent work here (highlight the here and link to his website). can be seen on his website: www.mikelangillustration.net


By: Nicole Drake


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